Efficient. Economical. Evolutionary. These are just a few words to describe the abundant benefits of Design-Build home construction and remodeling. When choosing the Design-Build method for any variety of home production, the Eagle Construction team works directly with you every step of the way to design all aspects of the building process.

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The direct to consumer approach of Design-Build has proven recurrently to save homeowners both time and money. In fact, research from the Pennsylvania State University, in the Selecting Project Delivery Systems analysis, found that Design-Build delivers projects over a third of the time faster than traditional construction management. And when the designer and contractor are on the same team, there’s never any miscommunication or disparagement if problems arise. Everybody works together fluently in executing concrete results.

Our cutting-edge technology visualizes all of the facets of your project preconstruction. While you’ll be able to see the aesthetic qualities pictured on screen during the architectural provisioning, everything else – from precise measurements to your defined budget – will be factored into the system during the design process. The Eagle Construction Team uses our software not only for crafting design drawings, but also in considering your specific project requirements.

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See why the American Institute of Architects acknowledges Design-Build as one of the leading approaches to building and renovating infrastructure. Experience the state-of- the-art advancements in bringing quality and affordability to your future doorstep. Contact the Eagle Construction Team today for a quote on your new home, addition or remodeling project.