Spacious home theater in refinished basement

5 Finished Basement Ideas for Your Next Renovation

When you start remodeling your basement, you have a world of possibilities ahead of you. This is an area of your home with endless potential, and there are so many interesting, exciting, and useful things that you can do with the space! Whether you’re setting up a simple family room area or doing something as ambitious as putting in a full gym or home theater, at Eagle Construction, we want to help you achieve the basement of your dreams. If you’re struggling for ideas that might fit well into your home and lifestyle, here are a few things to consider!

Spacious Entertaining Kitchen in Topton, PA

Hosting friends and family in your home is always a pleasure, but it can be a challenge if your kitchen isn’t up to the task. That’s the problem that these clients of ours in Topton, PA were running into, so they turned to Eagle to help them create a new space that’s perfect for entertaining! This project took just under a month to complete, and the clients love their new kitchen! Here’s what we did.

Luxurious Updated Master Bathroom in Blandon, PA

This master bathroom that we recently updated in Blandon, PA came out so beautifully! Between the luxurious shower area and detailed tilework, there’s plenty to be proud of here. We worked on this bathroom from February to March of this year, and gave the entire room a makeover, starting with the demo process and adding fans and plumbing.