6 Ways to Improve Your Basement

6 Ways to Improve Your Basement

Your basement doesn’t have to be the dark, cold, and unlivable place where you clutter gets shoved. With the right kind of additions, your basement can be transformed into an awesome room that your family loves to hang out in.

Your basement can become a playroom for the kids, a quiet den for working, or even a cool wine cellar. Whatever you have in mind, these tips and tricks can enhance the appearance of your basement and make it much more enticing to spend time in.

1. Go Deep

Don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper when it comes to creating the basement of your dreams. The lower you dig out your basement, the higher the ceilings and more inviting the room will become. This can be an expensive endeavor, but it gives you more space and allows you to add a fully functional room to your home, which is worth the investment.

2. Add Extra Ambiance

Incorporate elements into your basement that invite people in. Basements can be gloomy and chilly, which is often a turn off when it comes to choosing a room to hang out in. Add in plenty of inviting lights to make the room nice and bright. Incorporate cozy elements like a fireplace or something fun like a pool table to boost your basement’s ambiance and make it the best place to hang out in your house.

6 Ways to Improve Your Basement

3. Waterproof Everything

Keeping your basement dry is a top priority if you want it to be a popular hangout spot. Being deep underground, it’s common for a basement to feel moist and damp, so take proactive measures to keep it dry. Adding a dehumidifier is an excellent tool for soaking up excess moisture that might be lingering in your basement.

4. Turn It Into a Walk-Out Room

To prevent your basement from feeling like it’s deep underground, transform it into a walk-out room. Full-size windows and a door to the outside will bring in plenty of natural light so your basement will feel like it’s on the main floor of your home.

6 Ways to Improve Your Basement

5. Conceal Your Control Boards

We often use our basements as storage units for electric panels, water heaters, or your furnace. If these items are stored in your basement, you’ll need to get creative and make them blend into your basement decor. Hide them behind bookshelves or incorporate them into the design of the basement. This will make your basement feel less like a storage space and more like a living room.

6. Add Extra Functionality

Make your room exceptionally functional by adding in a bathroom or kitchenette. Attaching these features make your basement more convenient and homey, helping it attract guests and family members. Plus, having a spare bathroom or cooking space is never a bad thing if you live in a bustling household!


If you’re considering renovating your basement, don’t wait any longer! The expert craftsmen at Eagle Construction are experienced in transforming dark basements into beautiful and usable rooms.

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