Man Cave sign says that what happens in the mancave stays there.

Give Your Basement a Man Cave Makeover

Every man needs his “man cave” – that is, his designated space in the house for retreating, relaxing, and taking a little “me time” after a stressful working day. If you have a finished basement that’s not being used aside from halfheartedly storing supplies or tools, why not renovate it into the man cave of your dreams?

There’ll be plenty of space available for decorating to reflect your own personal tastes and style, or just creating a comfortable, inviting area that your friends will adore spending time in. Here’s a few essentials that every man cave needs in order to give it the basement makeover that it deserves.


Luxury Basement

Comfortable seating is definitely the most important investment when it comes to renovating your basement into the ultimate man cave. Of course, the head guy in the house needs at least one perfect recliner all for himself – preferably in a plush material like leather.

Sofas, couches, and loveseats are accommodating enough for friends to kick back and hang out, while specialized chairs (equipped with cup holders) can help transform the space into a personal movie theater. If you’re investing in a bar area for the man cave, stools make ideal seating for shooting the breeze while keeping the drinks close at hand.

Food & Drink

Isn’t it such a hassle running back upstairs every time you’re feeling hungry or thirsty in your man cave? That’s why during your basement makeover you need to consider installing a refrigerator – either a full-size standalone (possibly near the bar) or a mini version within arm’s reach of your recliner. It’ll be the perfect place for keeping cold drinks chilled and storing favorite snacks close at hand.

If you’re planning on eating a lot down there (especially with company), creating a kitchenette area equip with a microwave and/or toaster oven will help you heat up some frozen pizzas or pop some popcorn in a pinch for hungry guests. or add in a popcorn machine or cotton candy maker for extra fun.


What is even the purpose of renovating your basement into an ultimate man cave if there isn’t any entertainment? You’re probably going to be using the space most frequently for watching TV. Why not install a large flat or wide screen, or even a projection television on the wall – complete with a surround sound audio system? It’s a great incentive for friends to keep coming back to your man cave to watch sporting events and favorite movies. Use hidden wires when installing for a cleaner look.


Basements are great for playing games with friends and family, and any man cave renovation should reflect that mentality. Enjoy playing video games with the guys? Install a few consoles near the television area and store favorite games in a nearby shelf. Host regular poker nights? Make sure you have a table big enough that’ll seat all the players comfortably for the Texas Hold ‘Em tournament. Just want to create a bar like atmosphere? Hang up at dart board or put in a reasonably-sized pool table where friends can relax and casually challenge each other to a round. If you have the means, install a vintage arcade game or pinball machine for a fun retro touch.


For the final step in making over the basement, it’s all about decoration. Use your man cave for displaying all the things your spouse may not want cluttering the upstairs area. Hang up posters from your favorite movies, display sports memorabilia from your favorite team in a trophy case, showcase your model car collection up on a shelf, or put up a neon sign near the bar. If you’re passionate about music, install a stereo system or record player, or even a soundproof practicing studio to play your instrument without being nagged about making noise. If you want, pick a statement object for inspiration that you can shape the overall scheme of the room around. The man cave is the ideal place for embracing what you love without shame.

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