4 Types Of Toilets For Your Bathroom

Toilets can get forgotten in the midst of bathroom remodeling or construction projects, with showers, flooring and sinks dominating the conversations surrounding the bathroom makeover. Toilets are a major component to keep in mind as you outfit your bathroom because of how central they are to time spent in the bathroom. There might seem like not much to consider, but there are a lot of factors that come into play when deciding on what type of toilet to install in your bathroom pertaining to your needs, your budget and your energy efficiency goals.


Toilet bowl in the toilet. Toilet in the toilet, view from the topTraditional Toilets

There is absolutely nothing wrong with opting for a traditional toilet for the bathrooms in your home. If you’re someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time in the bathroom and you just need a toilet that gets that job done without any frills, a traditional toilet with a traditional seat is probably the way to go for you. There are endless choices to choose from, with traditional toilets available to fit your budget and your energy efficiency desires.


White ceramic bidet in a modern bathroom.Bidets

Bidets are a big hit in other countries, so much so that some countries are mandating them in all new construction projects. If you’re unfamiliar with bidets, they’re a hygienic, environmentally-friendly toilet — often paired with a traditional toilet — that cleans the person using pressurized water that is more effective and sanitary than toilet paper. With the average American using approximately 50 pounds of toilet paper per year, a bidet will help cut down on toilet paper waste and improve hygiene.


Modern high tech toilet with hygienic and high technology of the toilet bowl, automatic flush toiletTech Toilets

For the tech-loving individuals out there who want some sophistication with their porcelain throne, there are a vast amount of toilets with a unique mix of technological features. There are toilets with self-cleaning systems, heated seats, automatic flushes, warm water, deodorizers and automatic seats and lids. In today’s day and age, there are smart toilets to fit whatever level of convenience or luxury you’re looking for.


Several hundred dollar bills in a toilet bowl about to be flushedEnergy Efficient Toilets

With toilets being one of the leading appliances when it comes to water consumption, an energy efficient toilet can save you a significant amount of money on your water bill, money which you can then spend elsewhere. Energy efficient toilets are a smart and suggested option for any homeowner, especially if your state is ramping up energy efficient requirements.

When it comes to toilets, you have plenty of options to take into consideration when remodeling a bathroom in your home, with one available for nearly any need imaginable. So when it comes time to shop for toilets, sit back, relax and do your research on what will be best for your unique situation.

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