Bathroom with glass shower and heated flooring

5 Great Ways To Transform Your Bathroom

Many will argue that your bathroom is the most important room in your home. It’s the room where you start and finish each day of your lives. If offers the ultimate privacy and freedom, allowing you to be alone with your thoughts as you decompress from a hard day’s work. Plus, if you ever decide to sell your home, the quality of your bathroom could drastically increase the value of your home.

So if you want to find some solutions to enhancing the quality of your bathroom, consult our ideas below to find some inspiration for your home.

Radiant-Heat Flooring

Getting out of a nice hot shower can leave you freezing once you step out. A solution to warm your chilly feet is to have radiant-heat flooring installed in your bathroom. With a radiant-heat system, heat comes from below the floor and eliminates the need for a noisy vent or radiator.

Radiant-heat can be installed in two ways. For this system, heat can be produced by hot water pipes placed just under the floor or through electrical mats that are in or below the floor. Electric mats are ideal for retrofits and remodels, while using hot water piping is usually the choice for large installations.  

Radiant heat works fantastic with tile, so if you’re looking to install new flooring and new heating, this move is a no-brainer.

Shower Upgrade

A shower is the focal point of the bathroom, and a quality shower can turn your bathroom into one of your favorite rooms in your home, and an envy of your friends. One way to transform your shower in a bathroom remodel is to encase it in glass.

Using frameless glass shower doors adds upscale look to your bathroom, while also adding safety features, depending on the design. Choosing doors that descend to the floor can eliminate the need for a ledge or lip, reducing the chance that someone will trip or fall.

A shower bench can also serve as an added safety feature or as a way to relax and take a load off of your legs. If you want a more luxurious touch, you can add a steam shower feature to truly offer a spa-like experience. Just make sure your door choice closes tightly and that you have a vapor barrier installed.

Fireplace or Entertainment Center

If you want a true character upgrade, adding a television or a fireplace can create a stellar bathroom experience that can make bathing so much better. By adding some fire to your quiet bath, you can lose the candles to create the ultimate relaxation experience.

If you want a private place to watch an episode of your favorite TV show or to watch the news while you get ready for work, a built-in space for a television set could be the upgrade your bathroom needs to set it apart from the rest.

Storage Upgrade

Extra storage is never a bad idea. In an area as busy as your bathroom, not having enough storage for the essentials can leave it looking cluttered, reducing space. Your solution? Add some nice wooden cabinets, painted to match other features in your bathroom.

Storage space can allow for towel storage, or to store extra soaps, cosmetics, or whatever is lacking a home.


If you’re looking for a solution that moves beyond tacky wallpaper or a boring paint job, choose tile to add some character to your bathroom walls. Tile on walls can be a nice alternative to having to paint your walls, and it gives your bathroom some added style.

You can tile a portion of your bathroom walls to add a unique accent, or you can tile full walls to go against the grain that favors painted walls.

For all your remodeling needs, Eagle Construction & Remodeling has the skill and expertise to outfit your bathroom to fit the vision you have for your home. Our experienced contractors have the know-how to turn your remodeling project into a stress-free endeavor that will enhance your home and your quality of life.

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