Utilizing Bathroom Space

7 Ways to Utilize Small Bathroom Space

Bathroom storage can be tricky, especially if you’re working with a small area. If you’re struggling to organize your bathroom, try these handy space-savers.

1. Create a Wall Toilet

A free-standing toilet takes up a lot of space, so why not put it on the wall? A wall-hung toilet frees up tons of floor space.

Hanging your toilet opens up your bathroom so you can add new shelving or a towel rack where your toilet used to be. Wall toilets also have a modern and trendy appearance, so your bathroom will look more spacious and stylish.

2. Hang Up Your Toiletries

Instead of cluttering your counters with hair spray, deodorant, and toothpaste, hang them up! Find a few cute baskets and dangle them from a towel rack (using S-hooks) or install a few extra hooks on your wall. Not only will this free up counter space, but it’ll give your bathroom an extra layer of style. Everything, even an old bottle of mouthwash, looks better in a basket!

3. Install a Window

Instead of physically making your bathroom bigger, install a window so it just seems bigger. Letting natural light flow in will make your bathroom appear much more spacious. Plus, cracking your window lets in warm springtime breezes and helps keep mold and mildew away.

4. Use More Wall Space

Are you utilizing every inch of your bathroom wall? If not, it’s time to start. Shelving can be placed almost anywhere, you just have to get creative! Add a new shelf above your bathroom door, on the upper regions of your walls, or above your toilet.

If you can’t quite fit a new shelf into your bathroom, hooks are the next best options. Try using the back of your bathroom door for hanging towels and bathrobes or fit a few hangers in the space between your sink and mirror.

5. Go Under Your Sink

The area beneath your sink is a great place for storing extra towels and toiletries. If your sink doesn’t have a built-in shelf, add one yourself! Or take a few wicker baskets and place them under your sink. Not only will you be able to store miscellaneous items here, but the wicker has a cute vintage look that will boost your bathroom’s charm.

For privacy, add a sink skirt to keep your storage out of the public eye. You can do this easily using double-sided tape and a stylish sheet.

6. Stack Some Baskets

When floor space is limited, don’t be afraid to do some stacking. A set of matching baskets always looks chic and cute. Stack multiple baskets on top of one another in a small corner of your bathroom. This way, you can stash a few items away without using too much space. We just recommend putting items that you use less frequently in the bottom of the stack.

7. Hook Your Appliances

What’s hanging on the back of your bathroom cupboards? Nothing? Well, that’s going to change.

Attach small hooks or command strips on your cabinet door and hang your styling tools from them. This is a great way to free up counter space, declutter your bathroom, and keep your cords from getting tangled.


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