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Bathroom Trends To Consider For Your Remodeling Project

Bathrooms have been a popular area for remodeling for decades, and in 2021, there’s plenty of reasons to continue the trend of quality design for your home. But it’s not exactly intuitive to know what works best for your bathroom’s space and design preferences, so we’ve made a handy list of great remodeling features based on our recently completed project in Pottstown, PA. 

After starting the bathroom remodeling project this past June, we were extremely pleased at how much the owners liked it. We saved some pictures of what we upgraded and added over the course of the work for a better idea of our design goals during the process. Let’s take a closer look at these great bathroom remodeling trends with examples of our expertise in action. 


There’s no better room to experiment with wallpaper than the bathroom. Because they are usually smaller rooms, there isn’t a ton of additional furniture and personal touches that have the potential to clash with the color or design of an otherwise good wallpaper. This particular bathroom benefitted from blue-and-white wallpaper along the upper half of the walls to compliment the focused lighting bookending the new vanity mirror (also our addition). The simple palette goes perfectly with the white sink and wall, and it provides another darker color to go along with the dark finish of the lower sink cabinet.


Bathroom lighting design can provide inspiration when you’re trying to illuminate your private spaces. Lighting has the power to make or break even wonderfully-designed spaces, so it’s crucial to find the one that’s best for you. For this part of the remodel project, we installed two gold-colored sconces beside the bathroom’s new gold-colored vanity mirror. The mirror’s reflection helps reflect the light for full visibility, and the white tile along the shower wall coupled with the white wood near the sink walls make illumination vibrant and easy on the eyes. 


Remember, essential areas in the bathroom can be brightened or dimmed to highlight a space’s contours and sense of balance. By including strategically-placed wall sconces either side of a mirror, you’ll create an evenly-distributed vertical light effect that makes the space seem tall and highlights attractive features.


Shiplap is usually installed as wainscoting for ceilings, sink backsplashes, or accent walls. When part of a great design, shiplap paneling can add an enticing sense of texture, color, and character even on a budget. For our recent bathroom remodel, the white shiplap choice was perfect with the floor’s white geometric tiling for a uniform sense of hygiene and color.  Using shiplap as a wainscoting application or for half-wall designs is popular when combined with wallpaper for a versatile yet still fresh look.



Adding tiling is one of the most traditional yet versatile design choices you can make for a bathroom remodel. With so many different sizes, colors, and distinct materials that compose tile options, it’s always a process to figure out what works best for your bathroom. If you wanted to keep some tiling while adding more, you could choose a style similar to our work in the image above; we applied sleek and tight-fitting white tile along the shower wall to go along with similar shades on the floor and tub. The added tile also makes the shower feel more immersive and like a natural part of the larger bathroom.


No matter how you prefer to remodel, your bathroom is one of the most designer-friendly rooms in your home. It should reflect a part of who you are and offer a comfortable and private environment. For more remodeling tips based on experience and designer trends, don’t hesitate to contact Eagle Construction in Blandon, PA today!

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