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How to Get More Shower Space

If there’s one spot in your bathroom where you never seem to have enough space, it’s the shower. Whether it be trying not to knock over shampoo bottles or just needing some extra room to spread out while you have a quick rinse, it’s nice to have a spacious shower.

Fortunately, we have a couple of quick fixes that could make you feel like your shower is bigger without actually undergoing a remodel.

Hang a Caddy

If you’ve been bumping your shampoos and soaps off your shower ledge, then a hanging caddy can help. Whether you opt for two or three tiers, a caddy is a quick fix for adding extra storage for your shower supplies. Plus, there are so many different styles that you’ll definitely be able to get one that matches your bathroom.

Install a Built-In Shelf

Make your caddy permanent by turning it into a built-in shower shelf! These are both practical, great for storage, and when done properly, can add an extra layer of sophistication to your shower.

Increase Shower Space

Add a Corner Shelf

A little corner shelf in your shower could be the perfect addition for creating more storage without taking away from your shower space. These types of shelves are small, affordable, and simple to put in.

Install Shadowbox Shelves

These types of shelves are square and large but can be built directly into your wall. This way, they expand the space of your shower instead of reducing it. Plus, since they’re so open, you can store bigger objects (like those extra tall shampoo bottles) in them without any problems.

How to get More Shower Space | Eagle Construction & Remodeling

Affix a Space-Saving Shower Rod

You might not be realizing it, but your shower curtain could actually be robbing your shower of precious space. Replace your current rod with a space-saving one that extends slightly outward. You’ll be amazed at how a little extra room in your shower makes a huge difference.

Increase Shower Space

Set Up a Stool or Tiny Table

If you have extra space in your bathroom, adding a small stool can be a great addition. Place your stool right outside your shower so you can still reach it while you’re rinsing off. Make sure your stool is water resistant so if you splash extra suds on it, it won’t suffer from any serious damage.

Bonus Tip:

Get a stool with layers, so you can double your storage space!

Incorporate a Floating Bench

Incorporating a little cubby into your shower is a great way to give it some more space. Not only is a floating bench great for storing your shower necessities, but it also provides you with a comfortable place to sit down while you’re rinsing off!

Need a Bathroom Update?

Whether it’s time for a shower upgrade or an entire bathroom renovation, we’re here for you! The well-experienced professionals at Eagle Construction are master craftsmen when it comes to fixing up bathrooms, and we’d love to help with yours!

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