White modern bathroom interior in brand-new house. Double sink vanity with large mirror walk-in shower white bath tub and brown tile floor.

How To Make Your Bathroom More Relaxing

Next to the bedroom and the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the most essential place in the entire house. At its best, it’s a beacon of privacy that serves as a comfortable space to wash yourself up for a long day and perform any necessary tasks with ease. What a bathroom should ideally be is relaxing, not only in its cleanup – saving you unneeded time and stress – but also in being just as pampering and luxurious as any expensive salon.

Through our bathroom remodeling services, we can give you the tools to transform your bathroom from purely functional into a personal spa, providing many different features and styles to best complement your home’s needs. Read on for ideas and inspiration!


The sink is often overlooked as just a place to wash your face, brush your teeth, or store your makeup products. But with Eagle’s help, it can be given that extra spark that’ll transform it into an aesthetically pleasing focal point of your bathroom. Granite and marble countertops are the most in demand for a reason, as they not only give your countertop a slightly rustic and natural feeling, but also allow for easy cleanup for any and all potential messes from lipstick stains to spilled toothpaste. Metal or brass finishes are the most popular for faucets, as they are durable and prevent rust buildup – plus they are attractive. Try a single handle faucet instead of the traditional dual handle; it’s not only steadily replacing the former as the best-selling on the market, but it is accessible for all residents, allows for precise customizable control in temperature and water pressure, and can be easily installed into any sink.


Baths and bathtubs in particular have experienced a surge in popularity this past decade, as more people are documenting their love for bath products and beautiful bathtubs online. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that there are so many options to personalize your bathtub to fit your unique style. Instead of spending money on a specialty hot tub or indoor jacuzzi, why not just install individual jets in a regular-sized bathtub? It’ll give the same exact relaxing feeling, while also letting you customize the settings to best fit your body’s needs. Even the type of bathtub can help enhance the general experience. Clawfoot tubs have a cute, retro vibe that is still very trendy and modern, and their smaller size and adjustable feet mean it can fit easily in nearly every corner of your bathroom. Alcove tubs are the perfect size for any apartment, while a similar drop-in tub requires a little more instillation but also provides less maintenance. If you suffer from frequent pain in your neck, head, or back, then an angled freestanding tub will provide the necessary support in order to properly relax all those muscles.


Even if you don’t have room for or can’t afford a fancy bathtub, there are still plenty of ways to make your shower experience just as satisfying. A single-spray model is the most common type of shower head, but if you have the means how about springing for a body spray/shower combination, which can be custom fitted on the walls in order to better massage your entire body? If you’re a person who needs to move around alot in the shower, a handheld system will let you detach the handle and help thoroughly rinse without hassle. Sliding bar heads are great for families and children because they’re easily adjustable for any height, while true to its name a rain system mimics the steady feeling of falling rain by providing a light water pressure and even water flow. Instead of spending money on shower curtains, how about installing glass panels? Their see-through surface may make some naturally shy people uncomfortable, but they’ll make for faster and easier cleaning with little need for specialty products. Expanding the size of your shower by a few square feet can give you a little extra room to fit you and all your products comfortably; Eagle can even work to make it handicap accessible if necessary.

Whether you’re looking to install some new features or just spruce up what’s already there, we believe that a bathroom can be the most beautiful room in the house. Eagle Construction’s bathroom remodeling services are here to help personalize your bathroom to fit your individual lifestyle and needs.

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