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Luxury on a Budget: High Class Features for Your Bathroom

Remodeling the bathroom can be one of the most daunting tasks you come across as you’re trying to update your home. Full bathroom renovations can get expensive very quickly, not to mention the inconvenience of putting such a necessary room of your house out of commission. However, there are some small and easy ways for you to give your space a bit of a face lift, to wow your guests with a fancy powder room and treat yourself to a little slice of luxury. Here are a few of them!


Go for an Interesting Mirror

Adding a new mirror, especially one with a unique frame, is a great way to add interest to your bathroom. A mirror can be edged in wood for a more rustic look, or colorful strips of tile to fit a more modern or eclectic style.


Give the Towels a Home

One of the fastest ways to make your bathroom feel cheap, messy, or outdated is to not have any place for your towels. Bath towels hanging on a doorknob and hand towels crumpled on the countertop don’t make the room feel like it belongs in a stylish home. Installing a few towel bars and rings is not a time consuming or expensive project, but it will make everything in your bathroom feel more purposeful, and it will allow your towels to dry more efficiently!


Look into Lighting

Dim, dingy lighting is enough to make any room look sad and lackluster. The lighting fixtures you choose can have a huge effect on the overall look of a room, especially if there’s a particular aesthetic you’re shooting for. Update your lights with carefully chosen new fixtures and watch your bathroom come to life!


Add Storage to Your Shower

It’s hard to think of anything more frustrating than making a wrong move during a shower and knocking all the bottles over, so one very important thing to keep in mind while you’re updating your bathroom is shower storage. Adding in a few simple shelves or ledges can take all the stress out of your daily shower by eliminating the need to carefully squeeze the shampoo in next to the conditioner and the soap when they don’t all fit. Now that’s luxury!


Put in a Simple Cabinet

Finding adequate storage can be a real challenge, especially if you have a smaller bathroom. A great way to class up the room while adding more space is to install some cabinets or shelves on the wall. A common place to see this is right above the toilet. Choose a nice cabinet that matches the style of your bathroom, paint it to match, and you’ll have the perfect addition of fashion and function.


Consider a Curved Curtain Rod

This is a good, subtle way to make your shower feel more roomy if you have a small tub or shower stall. You’ll see curved curtain rods in hotels from time to time because they’re a small, easy change that makes a pretty big difference in the shower experience.


Install a Pull Out Mirror

Pull out mirrors (the small round kind on an extendable arm) are another thing that you might see most often in hotels or in the bathrooms of your fancy friends, so if you’re looking to treat yourself to a taste of the finer things, this is a great idea! Installing one in your bathroom is pretty quick and easy, just remember to see if you can find a stud in the place you’re looking to put it up– that’ll save a bit of work.


Replace Your Fixtures

Nothing dates a bathroom more than old-fashioned faucets and handles. You could have the most well-appointed powder room in the world, but if your fixtures look dingy and about thirty years past their prime, it will be noticeable. Replacing the fixtures is a small project that can get done in less than a day and it’s like an instant facelift for your bathroom. Grab a new soap dispenser or toothbrush holder that coordinates with the metal you chose, and you’ll have a counter that looks brand new for the effort of just a few hours!


If your bathroom is in need of an update, Eagle Construction is here to help. Our experienced remodeling crew will help you brainstorm and plan so that you end up with a bathroom you love. For exceptional construction quality in the Berks County area, contact us today!

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