Wet room in modern remodeled bathroom
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Modern Bathroom Features to Incorporate in Your Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom is about a lot more than just making the space fit your style or changing out a light fixture that doesn’t work anymore. It’s also a chance to outfit your bathroom with all of the cool features that might not have been on your radar the last time the bathroom was updated. As trends evolve, new convenient fixtures and luxurious add-ons become popular, and any one of these modern features would be a great addition to your upcoming bathroom remodeling project. 

Wet Room

wet room bathroom upgrade

A wet room is a space in the bathroom, separate from the sinks and toilets, where everything is designed to get wet. Usually a freestanding tub and a shower space are included in a wet room inside their own glass enclosure. Wet rooms are very visually appealing and are usually sleek and architectural, as you can see in this wetroom we recently built for the McCabe family, and they’re very easy to clean since everything inside a wet room can handle water.

Heated Floors

What’s the worst part of heading into the bathroom first thing in the morning? Without a doubt, the answer is cold floors. Radiant underfloor heating might seem like such a small detail, but you only have to try it once to know what a big luxury it is. They uniformly provide heat to a room in the house that is very difficult to keep warm, and they add lots of resale value to your home!

Mirror Defoggers

Mirror defoggers heat up your bathroom mirror just enough to keep condensation from clinging to it after a hot, steamy shower. If you always find yourself wiping off foggy mirrors so that you can fix your hair or brush your teeth in the morning, this small upgrade can completely eliminate that problem and make your morning routine much more streamlined and convenient.

Waterfall Showerheads

waterfall showerhead in wet room

Your showerhead is one of the most-used fixtures in your home, and it can take the experience of your daily shower to a whole new level. Relaxing and luxurious, waterfall showerheads create wide, soft streams of water that can mimic natural rainfall. You can add them to any shower, including traditional cubicle style showers, but they’re especially wonderful in wet rooms where you can set them high in the wall or ceiling and really maximize the waterfall effect!

In-Drawer Outlets

If you want a tidy bathroom with cords and appliances tucked out of sight, in-drawer outlets are the way to go. From hair dryers to curling irons, there’s a lot of things that need to be plugged in in a bathroom, and your counters can end up looking cluttered and messy very quickly. Adding outlets right into the drawers allows you to use and store these tools more easily and keep the bathroom neat!

Heated Towel Rack

heated towel rack in bathroom

There are few things in the world that compare to getting out of a relaxing shower and wrapping up in a freshly warmed towel. Right now, this might be a delight that you only get to experience on laundry day, but with a heated towel rack you can enjoy it every single day! Not only do built-in heated towel rails make your towels luxuriously warm and cozy, they can also help your towels to dry faster and more completely, reducing bacteria growth and making your bathroom more hygienic. Plus, they provide a sleek-looking place to store your towels!

Dual Flush Toilets

If you want to save money on your utilities and do your part to conserve water and help the environment, a dual flush toilet might be a great idea for your home. These toilets are extremely water efficient compared to standard toilets, and they can be a very cost effective addition to consider for your next bathroom remodel.


Whether they’re small fixtures or whole separate enclosures, these bathroom upgrades can give this important room in your home a more modern, luxurious look and feel, and can greatly improve the moments you spend in the bathroom over the course of your day. If you’re interested in these features or in any other bathroom upgrades, contact Eagle construction today!

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