Quick Bathroom Upgrades
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Quick & Easy Bathroom Upgrades

Expecting company this holiday season? There’s one room that everyone will be in at some point but usually gets overlooked: the bathroom.

Thankfully, these simple bathroom upgrades are quick, easy, and guaranteed to wow your family!

Add a Scent Dispenser

Upgrade your bathroom’s smell with an automatic scent dispenser. These are compact units that can be installed on a bathroom countertop or mounted on your bathroom wall. ‘Tis the season for delightful aromas, and a new scent dispenser can make your bathroom smell like warm apple pie or pumpkin spice all season long.

Freshen up the Paint

Nothing spruces up a room more than a fresh coat of paint. A new layer of paint is guaranteed to take from your bathroom from drab to fab in no time. If painting your whole room is a little too much to cram in, then go for something simple such as adding a new trim or freshening the paint on your cabinets. Add a set of matching hand towels and you’ll feel like you have a completely new bathroom.

Install New Faucets

Are your faucets starting to wear out, look a bit outdated, or leaking? Installing a modern faucet is the perfect bathroom upgrade. Many people often overlook how much a new faucet can flatter a room. It’s a quick, simple, and affordable way to not only make your bathroom look better, but also improve its functionality! If you want to go the extra mile, add a new soap dispenser to match your fresh faucet.

Hang a New Shelf

Your bathroom may seem plain because you’re out of design space. Adding a little shelf somewhere will give you a new area to organize your belongings and add some extra decorations. If you’re really feeling ambitious, take an old drawer, layer it with wallpaper or splash on a nice coat of paint, and hang that.  Once your shelf is up, add a small candle, potted plant, or some holiday decor to spice up your bathroom.

Add a Pullout Shelf

If you don’t want to hang a shelf on your wall, try adding one to your cabinet instead. Pullout shelves allow you to store and organize belongings away from the public eye but slide them out when you need them. This type of shelf may seem sophisticated, but it’s simple and quick to install. Plus, it’s great for storing away bathroom necessities like extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

Shed Some New Light

Wanna see your bathroom like you’ve never seen it before? A simple light installation is sure to brighten up the room. Plus, there are so many options when it comes to light fixtures that you can be as creative as you wish. Overhead light? Hanging lamp? Colored bulb? The possibilities are endless.

Hang up Something New

Chances are you probably have a few pieces of art hanging up around your house, but did you forget one room? Don’t leave your bathroom walls bare! You can find unique and affordable art to hang up in your bathroom at local flea markets or better yet, create something yourself! If nothing else, adding an extra mirror is a quick way to spruce up the ambiance and upgrade your bathroom!

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