Should I Add A New Bathroom To My Home?

Bathroom space is some of the most coveted square footage in many homes. For many homeowners, bathrooms can quickly become cramped and seemingly lose their space. This is often because there aren’t enough bathrooms in the home.

This begs the question: why don’t homeowners just add a new bathroom? The answers are simple: the project is very costly and there may not be enough space to support it. However, adding a bathroom can really be worth it, especially if your home only has a single one to begin with.

Still on the fence about whether or not you should get a bathroom? There are a few things to consider before starting such a project.

Return on Investment

When homeowners look at purchasing a home, the bathroom situation is typically low on the priority list. In this regard, adding a bathroom may not give any return on investment. However, individual markets differ, and specific interests, like a master bathroom, can help drive a return on investment.


In some cases, homeowners just really need an extra bathroom. While bathroom additions can be costly, this is one instance where it may be necessary. If you have a single full bathroom, with several people trying to get ready in the morning, this can cause issues. In some cases, you may not need to add a whole new bathroom, but rather convert an existing half-bath.


Many homes are equipped with a single full bathroom and one half-bath. If you are finding yourself looking for more bathroom space, converting a half-bath to a full may be the answer. These projects are much more cost-effective than adding a whole new bathroom.

Individual situations differ, but adding a bathroom can add some coveted space to your home.

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