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Fresh Ideas For Renovating That Spare Room

Whether you’re in the process of buying a new home or renovating your current home for an invigorating update, at some point you’ll come across a spare room that’s not getting any use. It may seem convenient or tempting to just let it pile up with clutter, or take the easy route of converting it into a guest bedroom, but why not truly make it a room of your own?

There are so many ideas for a spare room that can be personalized for your needs and interests; here’s just a few to get inspired.

Reading Room

For all the bookworms out there, create a personalized reading room or library to snuggle up and get lost in your favorite works (whether they’re novels, poetry, or short stories). Fill it with bookshelves lining the walls, a comfy armchair or couch, cozy lighting, and maybe even a writing desk for when inspiration strikes.

Home Office

More people work from home than ever, so a private office space can serve as the perfect quiet area for getting stuff done without interruption. Put in a spacious desk for the centerpiece, and add in a computer, printer, office supplies, and whatever else your job requires.


Want to work out more often but don’t want to spend extra money on a fancy gym membership? Build a fitness room in your very own home. Set up a treadmill or an elliptical, or put in some weight-lifting equipment based on your routine, and add in some fun extras such as a TV, stereo system, or a stack of magazines for some added atmosphere.

Dressing Room

Have a lot of clothes and nowhere to store any of them? Use a spare room as a makeshift walk-in closet for your wardrobe. Store clothes and shoes in closets or drawers, and display makeup and jewelry on a dresser or powder table.

Hobby Room

Is your passion for painting? Pottery? Sewing? Scrapbooking? Fill up a hobby room or arts & crafts studio with all the supplies needed for creating so you can try out a new skill or hone in your craft without worrying about making a huge mess. Consider neutral hues for the walls and floor, natural lighting, storage spaces and a cleanup area if needed.

Music Room

Turn a room into the ideal rehearsal space for any musician by adding in instruments and any necessary speakers, amplifiers, stands, and sheet music; include furniture, curtains, a rug and soundproof equipment to create your very own in-home studio.

Plant Room

Live in an urban area or in a home with a smaller backyard? Turn any room in the house into a personal indoor greenery. As long as you have enough natural light, you can cultivate and grow planters of beautiful flowers, herbs, succulents, and even fruits/vegetables around the room or on the windowsill. If you have the means, put in some shelves for storing supplies, cutting shears and pots and a nice washing sink.


Tired of toys scattered around everywhere and cluttering the house? Build a special room for your children, their friends, and younger relatives where they can feel free to play, create, and get messy. Decorate it with a bold color scheme or fun theme, and fill it with toys, books, crafts, dress-up clothes, and play furniture.

Relaxation Room

If you just need a space to get away from it all sometimes, turn a spare room into a relaxing area where you can escape the stresses and distractions of the day. How about a yoga or meditation room with mats, aromatherapy, and calming mood music, or a retreat by the window where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning?

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