Remodeling? Remember to Include These Family-Friendly Features

Planning out what your home will look like is one thing, but planning a home that will be beautiful and comfortable for you and also functional for your children is another. Fortunately, there are many great ways that you can accommodate your family with the features you include, so here are some great kid-friendly additions to your renovation or new build project to consider!

Custom Woodworking for a One-of-a-Kind Bar Top

Live edge wood is a great way to instantly add lots of character and visual interest to a space in your home. Live edge pieces of wood retain one of the natural edges of the tree, sometimes with the bark included as well. Live edge furniture is incredibly popular these days, and there are so many different ways to utilize this natural feature of a piece of wood to create something really beautiful and unique. For example, in this stunning finished basement, the customers decided to include a live edge bar top with an epoxy river! Keep reading to learn more about this project.

What’s Your Home Style?

A person’s taste in houses is incredibly specific to them, and no two people will ever like everything the same. In order to find or design the perfect home for you, you have to first know what you like, and with the endless options out there, settling on your perfect home style can be a…

Top Remodeling Trends of the Summer

While many vacations and plans for the summer have been canceled or put on hold due to COVID-19, there are still many ways to celebrate the warmer months with your family at home. With all of your extra time spent at your own place, now is your chance to renovate the space and make it even more enjoyable to stay home during this time. Read below for popular summer remodeling trends.