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5 Ways An Outdoor Addition Can Improve Your Life This Season

Summer is the ideal season for spending as much time outside as possible and embracing the sunshine and clear skies after tumultuous winter weather. A brand new, well crafted outdoor deck is an ideal venue for all the fun seasonal escapades, as well as providing stylish and dependable shelter from the elements. The addition won’t just improve the exterior of your home, but many aspects of your life as well, from the physical to the mental and everything in between.


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A well-furnished deck will motivate even the most stubborn indoor person to spend some time outside this season, and the physical benefits certainly add up in the long term. In addition to the exercise gained from activities such as swimming or gardening, studies have shown that increased time outdoors can help reduce risk for inflammation, improve vision, strengthen the immune system, and even help lengthen overall life span. A roofed deck in particular is a great ally for shading one’s self from direct sunlight, which in turn can help protect from further damage from sun exposure and prevent risk for sun cancer.


Portrait of smiling beautiful mature female gardener. Woman planting seedlings in bed in the domestic garden at summer day. Gardening activitySpending time in nature and away from technology, even if it’s just in the comfort of your outdoor deck overlooking the backyard, can also sharpen your skills mentally. Studies have shown that it can improve overall focus, increase short-term memory and eliminate “mental fatigue,” which will help relieve daily stress. In addition, it is also a known element for fueling creative thinking, which can help jumpstart any new ideas for that creative project you want to tackle this season.


Little girl picking and eating fresh ripe peach from tree on organic pick own fruit farm. Kids pick and eat tree ripen peaches in summer orchard. Child playing in peach garden.Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean that you’re exempt from potentially experiencing summer depression, a reverse from the typical symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). About 10% of all SAD cases are based in this idea that warmer weather can actually make us more miserable. Studies have shown that time spent outside and in nature is an effective cure for relieving summertime sadness, helping alleviate mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. Even just resting on an open deck, taking in a few of the sun’s UV rays and getting some healthy doses of Vitamin D, can drastically alter your emotions by embracing that natural light.


Happy friends grilling meat and enjoying barbecue party outdoorsSummertime is the most social of all seasons, and an aesthetically pleasing outdoor deck can serve as a wonderful venue for all your upcoming events, as well as enhancing any regular celebration. Hosting a birthday? A pool party? A backyard barbecue? A deck will provide a comfortable area (including tables and seating) for your guests to mingle, relax, and have a wonderful time. Use all of Eagle’s possibilities for deck construction to take advantage of nature – pitch a tent and camp out underneath the stars, or set off a few fireworks in the sky to celebrate the Fourth of July.


Kids playing at outdoor swimming pool. Little girl and boy play and swim in resort pool on tropical beach island summer family vacation. Swim and eye wear sun protection water toys for children.For parents, a well cared for deck can provide children with a safe, easily accessible area for play without the potential mess found in the bugs, rocks, and dirt from the backyard. A sanded wood deck will protect from splinters, while a slip-resistant pool deck will keep them from getting any broken bones while they’re splashing around. In addition, it can also serve as a handy area for storing all their favorite outdoor toys, while also being open enough that Mom and Dad will be able to keep a watchful eye and make sure they’re aren’t getting into any trouble.

An outdoor deck is a vital addition for any home, and Eagle Construction’s many available services can help customize your deck to fit your specific lifestyle and needs. Take advantage of the season, and you’ll soon realize how it can improve every aspect of your life. Once it’s installed, it won’t brighten up only your backyard, but your overall outlook.

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