An oval shape above the ground swimming pool and wooden deck.

Building The Perfect Pool Deck For You

Having a backyard pool is one thing, but having a backyard pool that is surrounded and integrated into the rest of the yard by using an amazing pool deck is an entirely different experience. When building a deck around your pool, there are several factors to consider. What materials should you use? Which shape best matches your needs? When should you start your project? Making the decision that you need a deck is easy, but planning the rest can be a hassle. Here are a few tips for your next project.

Round above-ground home pool with wooden deck and railing.

Using The Right Materials

Depending on how much maintenance you want to put into your deck, and how long you want it to last, you have several options. There is the standard pressure treated wood, composite materials, or some combination of the two methods.

Wooden Pool Decks

Wood looks nice, and it can be easily painted or finished to achieve the desired look. It’s also easy to replace parts of the deck if they become damaged, or you want to add more to the existing structure. Unfortunately, wood decks require regular maintenance. Every year (at least), they need to be refinished and checked for damage. Nothing ruins a fun day by the pool than a splinter in the foot!

Composite Material Decks

These kinds of decks are made of aluminum and various plastics that can withstand repeated exposure to moisture. These require less maintenance overall usually, and don’t present the danger of splinters. It is very important to make sure these decking materials are coated in a texture in order to prevent slipping. Safety should always be a top priority around the pool.

Fitting Your Space

When coming up with a design for your pool deck, make sure you look at the space you’re building into. Some things to consider:

How High Should It Be?

Pool decks are usually at the same level as the top edge of the pool, so this shouldn’t be too hard. The tricky part of this is if your yard is on any kind of incline, this could affect your planning. Given that building a deck around an above ground pool requires an elevated platform, installing railings should also be a priority!

How Big Should It Be?

You’ll want to make sure your deck has adequate space to walk around and place equipment on. Depending on your plans, you might want to surround the whole pool with a 5 to 6 foot wide deck. Alternatively, you could be looking to have a single platform to make it easier to climb in and out from one point. Consider the space you have available around your pool, and what you’ll be using it for in the future.

When To Start?

Never build your deck before you set up your pool. You can measure your pool all you want before it’s set up, but nothing beats knowing the exact dimensions of your pool and then building around it. Imagine if you built the deck without the pool present, and then when you tried to put the pool in, it was too big with an extra few inches all around it? What if it was too small and couldn’t fit the pool in the middle at all? Once it’s warm enough to set up your pool, then you can start measuring and planning for your dream deck.

man measuring boards for a new above ground pool deck

Who To Call?

When it comes to planning out a pool deck, you want to be sure it’s safe, accurately measured, and looks professionally done. It’s highly recommended that you consult with professionals regarding your pool deck. They have years of experience and can help handle unexpected challenges that can arise, like an uneven slope across the yard. Going with long-time decking experts ensures that your deck will hold up to the test of time and stand up to the elements without a problem.

When you’re looking to get started on your decking plans, go with the team you know can get the job done right every time. Call Eagle Construction & Remodeling today to get started! 

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