What To Build My Deck With?

What’s a better way to experience summer than spending time on a deck? Decks make ideal places for gathering, having dinner, or just relaxing.

If you’ve decided to build a deck, the final question remains; what type of material should you use to construct the deck? Now more than ever, there are several different types of material that you can use. Below are three of the top materials used for decks that will hopefully help you pick the one perfect for your situation.


Wood is the most traditional choice for decks and is likely still the most common one. Even though wood is the common choice, that doesn’t mean there isn’t variety. A wide range of species are available for use here.

There is more than a single route you can take when choosing wood. The easiest and most cost-effective is treated lumber, which can be found at virtually any hardware store. Costlier, though in most cases more effective, are hardwoods. Hardwoods are more appealing to the eye and are stronger than treated lumber.


Composite is ever-increasing in popularity as a choice for decks. The material is composed of wood fibers and some form of plastic material. The result is a product that won’t be adversely affected by the weather nearly to the extent of natural wood. Additionally, composites come in a wide variety of colors, that make finding the right fit for your deck easy.


Another material rising in popularity in deck construction is plastic. Like composite boards, plastic lumber comes in a wide range of colors. Unlike composite, plastic contains no wood. Plastic will not break down and does not require the maintenance of wood decking.

Whatever material you choose, it should be the one that works, and looks best, with your home.

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