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3 Smart Lights To Illuminate Your Home

We live in an age where technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in our homes. From voice-activated systems to cameras that connect to our smartphones, there is an ever-growing amount of technological tools that we can implement into our daily living — by adding them to our homes.

In the past, we have looked at five devices designed to increase efficiency and improve safety. One thing that was left out was something that is a staple of every home: lighting.

The smart technology boom hasn’t left out the lights that illuminate our homes daily. In fact, lighting is now more advanced than ever. Below we’ll look at three smart lighting options for your home that will have you hooked  on implementing more smart devices into your living spaces.

Phillips Hue Smart Light Bulbs

These lights are pretty incredible. These LED bulbs help save energy, which saves money, but that’s not all they do. Phillips Hue allows you to choose from over 50,000 shades of white light to match the ambience you’re looking for. You can also change their color, dim them, and schedule various types of light for different times — all with your voice. If you forget to turn them off when leaving the home, Phillips Hue makes worrying a thing of the past. Your lights can be controlled from anywhere with the help of the Phillips Hue app. Oh, and they’re also voice-controlled.

A starter pack with both white and color Phillips Hue Smart Light Bulbs is available on Amazon starting at $169.99.

Nanoleaf Light Panels

Nanoleaf Light Panels are a series of triangular light panels that can be pieced together into any shape. These light panels can be controlled through app or voice to create whatever color combination you would like. You can set the panels to have you wake up to a sunrise-like display, show customized “scenes” or even have them reflect the mood of the music you’re listening to. Nanoleaf’s Rhythm module can be plugged into any light panel to have the panels react to any type of music in real time.

Nanoleaf Light Panels with Rhythm are available on Amazon starting at $269.99.

C by GE Sol

The C by GE SOl is a a smart lamp that is great for people looking to test out smart lighting without making a big investment. This fixture has a versatile design that allows it to fit in nearly any room, including offices, bedrooms or living rooms. It has Amazon Alexa built-in, and can be operated through voice control and through the C by GE app. The Sol can be scheduled for morning and nighttime light modes, can be prompted to tell the news, weather and play music, and can be connected to other smart home device.

The C by GE Sol is available on Amazon starting at $149.99.

The smart home technology boom has created awe-inspiring light fixtures, bulbs and displays that are efficient, fun and affordable. These smart lighting options allow you to implement tech into your home that will add to your living experience and introduce you to the world of smart home technology.

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