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How To Make Sure Your Home is Well-Insulated

It appears that spring is finally here to stay. In some parts of the country, the winter was much worse than in other parts. For a lot of people, it got cold. Sometimes very cold.

That’s sort of redundant, isn’t it? It was cold during winter. However, some people may have been experiencing the cold worse than others. This is a result of poor, or improperly maintained insulation.

Though winter is over, insulation is still very important. Now is the time to take care of your home, and make sure it is ready for the next bout of foul weather.

Seal the Seams

The first step to making sure that your home is sealed up is to check the corners of your home. In the foundation on the exterior, especially on corners, you may notice small cracks and crevices forming. This is the first bit of evidence indicating that you may need to complete some repairs.

Another two places to check to make sure seams are sealed are doors and roofs. You should be able to see where these barriers where sealed, and if they need to be repaired.

Check the Windows

Windows are wonderful features in a home. Not only do they let you see outside of the building, they also let light, and heat, into your home. However, cold air can sometimes leach its way in through a window. Make sure that your windows aren’t letting any air in when they are closed.

If they are, it may just be a sealant problem. However, if your windows are old, it may be time to replace them.

Wall Insulation

Wall insulation is likely the most important part of insulating your home. This often-pink material is very effective at keeping the cold out. Most homes are equipped with this; however, some older homes were built without this.

A professional contractor can help you move forward if you don’t have any wall insulation.

Even though the cold of winter is past for now, it’s a very good time to upgrade your insulation for the coming year.

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