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3 Of The Most Popular Deck Materials

Having a deck built onto your home is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and create a space that completes your home. Decks can provide spaces for relaxation, entertainment and just about any other use, making them a perfect addition to your house.

Decks have come a long way from their initial wooden ancestors and are able to be made from a variety of different materials. Options range from wood to composite to plastic to give homeowners a deck that will fit their needs and their budget. Our guide below provides a basic understanding of some of the most popular deck materials to allow homeowners to make an education decision on what material is best for their new deck.


Wood is the most common type of deck material, due in part to its affordability. It is the cheapest option, and also serves as a natural and durable material. The downsides of wood are no secret, as is requires annual attention and can splinter and warp. Wood that is pressure-treated often lasts about 15 years.

Plastic / PVC

Plastic may be the ultimate deck material if you’re looking for a durable and essentially maintenance-free material. The downfall is that plastic doesn’t always look or feel like real wood, which can dissuade homeowners from using it on their deck. They also don’t always provide the sound that wooden decks do, as they sometimes squeak when being walked on.


Composite boards are made from a combination of plastic and waste wood fibers, which makes them a splinter-free option that does not require regular staining or painting. The downside is that composite boards are more expensive and heavier than most wood boards used in deck construction. They also require some maintenance and must be scrubbed regularly to avoid the possibility of mildew growth. Additionally, composite boards move more due to temperature changes, which can become problematic if it’s not installed correctly.

These are just three of the most common deck materials, with many containing different subcategories that vary in price, durability and feel. For the ultimate deck, is it best to talk with a local deck construction expert so you get the best return on investment, and a deck that will be your favorite place to enjoy nice weather for years to come.

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