outdoor fireplace made of stone
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5 Outdoor Fireplaces That Will Provide Inspiration For Your Patio Remodel

Spending time around a fire may be one of the most wholesome, enjoyable ways to spend time outdoors. The warmth, smell and ambiance created by a fire make for memorable times and entertaining nights that aren’t easily forgotten.

When it comes to fires, some people like to kick it up a notch and replace their firepit with a full outdoor fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces serve as a great cornerstone of patios and outdoor rooms, as they create senses of luxury and comfort for homeowners and guests alike.

Below, we will explore five outdoor fireplaces that will serve as inspiration for your next patio remodel as you consider whether to opt for a traditional fire pit or an alluring outdoor fireplace.

outdoor fireplace near water

This stone fireplace is perched atop a serene lake with seating perfect for a firelit night by the water. You may not have the lake in your backyard, but consider a fireplace near an in-ground pool or koi pond to have a nice balance of the elements.

This outdoor fireplace is located right next to a well-landscaped yard, offering an area for entertaining, outdoor dining or relaxing while also providing quick access to the yard.

stone outdoor fireplace with comfy seating under a wooden roof

Located underneath a beautiful wooden roof, this stone fireplace has comfy seating around it, making it a great location for fireside gatherings dedicated to relaxation and company.

outdoor fireplace perfect for entertaining with lots of seating

This fireplace is beautifully constructed and located under a vast wooden roof to create an outdoor room designed for maximum entertainment capabilities. The large couches and table space make this area perfect for hosting parties and guests, showing the entertainment possibilities of an outdoor fireplace.

small patio with fireplace and chairs

At this home, the outdoor fireplace is trimmed with the same stone that the exterior of the house uses, creating uniformity in this small, but cozy area. With the fireplace nestled into three walls, the location creates a comfortable, snug atmosphere for fireside gatherings.

Outdoor fireplaces have tremendous potential for homeowners, as they are able to increase a home’s value, provide space for relaxing and entertaining all while serving as a place where countless memories are made around the fire. For more about how you can implement an outdoor fireplace at your home, contact us to learn more about our custom home remodeling services.

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