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How To Use Brick Around Your Home

Brick has long been an integral part of construction and home building in the United States. You can find worn-down brick warehouses strung across the country. These dilapidated warehouses are not the true story of brick construction. Perhaps even more visible are the striking brick homes.

Brick is a very practical building material, but it can also be very appealing. Want to integrate some brick into your home? Consider some of the locations that brick is most appealing, and if they may work in your home.


If you don’t already have a brick home, adding brick to the exterior of your home may not be immediately possible. However, if you plan on re-siding your home, brick may be the perfect material.

The beauty of brick is that it can be combined with other materials. In other words, you don’t have to re-side your whole home with brick in order to get the same eye appeal.

Accent Wall

Brick can be brought inside your home as well. A simple way to integrate brick into an interior is through an accent wall. An accent wall helps break up the monotony of a room. Adding brick to a single wall in a living room, kitchen, or bathroom can really add some major depth to the house. Make sure the brick is well-lit; it helps to add to the effect.


Perhaps the easiest way to bring brick into your home is through landscaping. Brick can very easily be made into low walls that encircle your flower bed. Another possible use for brick in your landscape is as a path. Artfully-laid brick makes a great walkway that adds some unique color and patterns to your home.

Brick is a useful tool and material that can be used for a wide variety of projects in the home.

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