Picking the Right Window
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Window Worry: Which Window Do I Pick?

Are you worried about your windows and which kind would look best in your home? Windows have a significant impact on how the interior and exterior of your house looks. They come in many different styles and functions, so choosing the best type of window can be a process.

Amateur home remodelers may view a window as an afterthought, but a great designer knows that picking a wonderful window can add the finishing touch to a beautiful room.

Which Window Should I Pick?

Before you get any further into your home remodel, ask yourself a couple of questions to determine which window fits your room the best.

What is the purpose of this window?

Is this window being placed purely for aesthetic reasons? Or are you inserting it because you want to let in a summer breeze and some natural sunlight? Does it need to open?

Will this window be open majority of the time or closed?

Will I be putting screens into it or covering it in drapes?

What type of window am I imagining here?

Something small that doesn’t take up much space or something grand that’s going to be the major focal point of the room?

What type of window can I afford?

Can my budget fit matching extravagant windows, or do I need to be more conscientious? 

Selecting Your Window

Stationary Windows

If you’re looking for something that only lets in light, go stationary. You can customize and create your stationary window in many different styles and shapes. If you want to let some air in, stationary windows can be combined with operating windows.

Double-Hung Windows

These are your common kitchen and bedroom windows. They have two sashes that slide vertically up and down and can open from the top or the bottom. They’re not too pricey and can let in a good bit of light and airflow. If you want a slightly cheaper option, single-hung windows are the same except they only slide open from the bottom.

Casement Windows

These windows are large and great for showing off a terrific view. If airflow is important, casement windows are a solid option. They are opened with a crank so you can decide how much fresh air you want to let into your home.

Picking the Right Window

Awning Windows

If you want your window to pop open, awning windows are the choice for you. These windows open outward to let in air from the left, right or bottom. Awning windows can standalone or they can be installed below other types of windows.

Transom Windows

These are the windows you find above doors and other windows. Transom windows are small, narrow, and placed to help let in light. They can be stationary or operating depending on if you want them to let in air or not.

Slider Windows

If you want a window that glides, the slider window is it. These windows move horizontally, crossing over their neighboring window. Slider windows are ideal if you’re living in close quarters and don’t want to protrude into your neighbors yard with an awning window. Plus, they give off a more contemporary vibe.

Picture Windows

These are typically stationary but let in an extremely large amount of light. If you’ve got a view to show off, these are the windows to choose.


Whether you’re starting a home from scratch or remodeling a single room, the home renovation experts at Eagle Construction are here to help!

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