Beautiful home with blossoming cherry trees.

To Tree or Not to Tree? Boost Exterior Appeal and Add Value to Your Home

Though it may be wishful thinking, it appears like the cold and snowy weather is finally over. This may not last, but the sunshine and warm weather indicates that spring is around the corner.

Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. It is also the perfect time to plant both trees and shrubs. These strong plants make great additions to any yard, big or small. There is likely a perfect pick for your own yard.

These plants look great, but why go through all the trouble of having them planted? Is it worth it? The short answer is yes, and trees don’t just possess visual value. Below are a few reasons to get planting this spring.


One of the greatest things about adding trees or shrubbery to your yard is the fact that it instantly adds value. As long as these plants don’t infringe on the safety or structure of the home, they’ll more than make up for the investment thanks to the instant boost in visual appeal.


The first impression that buyers draw when they see a home is from its exterior. Having a professional looking and clean exterior go a long way in this regard. Possessing well-managed trees in your yard achieves the same effect. A mature tree, particularly, is a desired asset.

Soil Preservation

If you live on a hill, and you have little in the way of trees or shrubs, you may notice something; erosion can be a big issue. Depending on the area and lay of the land, erosion can be a very big impact on a home owner. Trees and shrubs, with their strong, deep-running roots, can help to solidify the soil, which will also protect your home investment.

Climate Regulation

The midday sun in July and August can be pretty brutal. If you spend a lot of time outside, the heat can take it out of you. Trees, especially ones that have had time to grow, can provide shade during this summer days. It is significantly cooler under the shade of a tree than in the sun.


A final positive reason to include trees in your yard is that they offer privacy. Trees or shrubs can be used to break the line of sight between your home and the road or your neighbor’s property. This can provide a little more peace of mind for a homeowner.

Spring is the perfect time to outfit your yard with some trees and shrubs. Great looking, these plants have a wide variety of positive effects.

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