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Bamboo As A Home Flooring Option

In the search for sustainable materials and resources, some homeowners and companies are turning to a fast-growing wood: bamboo. Bamboo possesses an immensely fast growth rate, which makes it a renewable resource. Additionally, it is suited for different uses in the home.

For the average homeowner, the most likely use for bamboo is flooring. Bamboo, while seemingly less durable than more traditional hardwood flooring types, is actually quite strong and can last for a long time. It will look and feel similar to traditionally hardwood flooring as well, meaning that you won’t lose anything by switching to bamboo.

Despite its many uses, bamboo still hasn’t gained the traction that other flooring choices possess. However, the low prices that bamboo flooring boasts will likely begin to change this fact. Reputable companies like The Home Depot carry a wide selection of bamboo flooring for under $3 per square foot.

Bamboo flooring does not possess as many color variations and shadings as traditional hardwood. Additionally, the material’s naturally light color may not mesh well with some design concepts. It should also be noted that, while strong, some bamboo may be susceptible to damage from dropped objects, chairs, etc. Though it has a few shortcomings, bamboo is a strong flooring option that grows quickly and costs less than a traditional choice, making it a strong contender for wood floors.

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