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The Benefits of Bamboo: 5 Reasons for Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is no longer just a snack for panda bears. In fact, bamboo flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners all over the world. Bamboo might be a great decision if you’re looking for an inexpensive, environmentally-friendly, and durable flooring option. 

If you’re thinking about some new floors, check out these great advantages that bamboo flooring provides.

Great for Your Home & the Environment

Bamboo flooring is both renewable and sustainable. It’s a fast-growing grass from China that is harvested by hand. While hardwood trees take decades to develop, bamboo matures and can be harvested in just five years. Bamboo even re-creates itself once it has reached its maturity without the need for new fertilizer or watering. Once a bamboo stalk has been cut, it continues growing from its root. This makes it a sustainable and environmentally-friendly resource that is great to use in homes.

Strong & Sturdy

Bamboo is exceptionally hard and long-lasting when used as flooring. Un-carbonized bamboo has the potential to be as strong as red oak and strand-woven bamboo is twice as hard as traditional oak flooring. Similar to hardwood floors, better quality bamboo lasts longer and endures greater wear and tear. So if you’re looking for flooring that will last for years and can handle some serious spills, bamboo might be just the thing you need.

Simple & Easy Maintenance

A common misconception is that since bamboo flooring is less traditional, it’s more difficult to maintain and keep clean. The truth is actually the opposite. Bamboo floors are quite easy to look after and sustain. They should be swept gently with wooden floor cleaners and can be washed using a mop and soapy water. For best results, be sure to use a pH neutral wooden floor cleaner. Just like hardwood floors, to best prevent unwanted scratches on your bamboo floors, it’s recommended to refrain from wearing shoes inside your home and fasten anti-scratch pads on all of your furniture.

Reasons to get Bamboo Flooring | Eagle Construction

Reasonable Cost

Bamboo flooring not only looks amazing, but it is a relatively low-priced way to enhance the appearance of your home. Bamboo flooring tends to cost a third of the price compared to an average hardwood floor installation. Bamboo floors range between $5 to $8 per square foot. With bamboo flooring, your home will gain an exotic and unique appearance without breaking your bank.

So Many Options!

One of the biggest reasons bamboo flooring has become so popular is due to its variety of options. Choose from numerous different styles and colors, such as strand woven bamboo, natural bamboo, rustic bamboo, horizontal bamboo, vertical bamboo, and more! With so many diverse selections, picking which style of bamboo flooring you want in your home may actually be the hardest part of your remodeling process.


Our team of expert craftsmen have experience selecting and installing bamboo flooring in homes and would be happy to answer any questions you have. Learn more about all the different types of bamboo flooring options available and what kind would look best in your home!

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