Tips for Tile

If you have or are considering tile, there are a few tricks to keeping your tile looking clean and shiny. 

Sweeping and vacuuming your tile floors regularly will help them look fresh and new. Giving your floors a quick sweep saves your tiles from becoming dull, but you don’t want to let things get out of hand. If you notice dirty grout, then you need to put down the broom and pull out some more intense cleaning supplies.

Mopping Tile Floors 101

When it comes to mopping, stick to a chamois-type mop or just use a clean rag. Sponge mops can push dirty water into your grout lines, so they’re not ideal for cleaning tile floors. While you’re mopping, make sure the water stays clear and don’t be afraid to change it frequently. Once you’re finished, don’t let your tile floors air dry. The best way to avoid water spots is to wipe down your floor with a dry cloth as soon as you’re through mopping it.

Clean That Grout

Doesn’t grout always look gross and dirty? It doesn’t have to! Grout absorbs stains, making it more susceptible to getting a bit filthy. The best way to really give your grout a scrub is to use a mix of baking soda and water. Scrub your paste into your grout, let it sit for a few hours (or even overnight), and use a stiff nylon brush to wash out the stain. Be sure to use a nylon brush as a metal brush can damage your grout.


After you install tile floors, you should apply a silicone-based sealer to its grout. This aids in repelling stains. The sealer should be applied one to two weeks after the grout is installed.

Washing Slate Tile Flooring

If you’re working with natural stone tile, be mindful of what cleaners you’re using. Traditional detergents may contain harmful chemicals that disrupt the natural balance of your slate tiles. Use a stone cleaner or mild detergent to wash your slate floors. Any cleaning product that contains acidic properties like vinegar or lemon should be avoided.

Tips for Tile

Cleaning Granite Tile Flooring

Similar to slate, granite must be washed with a mild cleaner that contains a low or neutral pH level. Other cleaners are likely to discolor your beautiful granite, so make sure you’re careful about what you’re picking. As a finishing touch, polish your cleaned granite floor so it will shine for days.

Scrubbing Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tiles are one of the easier tile floors to keep clean. Dirt can be easily swept up and the tiles can be washed using warm water and a mild cleaner. If you notice your tiles looking a bit dull, they might have leftover residue stuck on them. Use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe your tiles and rinse them with clean water. Remember to use a chamois-type mop to avoid dirtying your grout lines. When you’re finished, buff your floors with a dry cloth.


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