Laying Ceramic Tiles. Troweling adhesive onto a concrete floor in preparation for laying white floor tile.

Types Of Tile For Your Home

Are you remodeling your home or bathroom? If you are, you may be interested learning a little bit more about tile. Choosing the tiling for your home can be a little bit challenging.

If you are looking to learn a little bit more about tiling, the list below can help you get started.


Arguably the most popular type of tile, ceramic is a stellar choice for your home. Ceramic finds its place in a multitude of situations, from the bathroom to the kitchen, the floor and the wall. Ceramic tile comes in a wide variety of colors and options. In most cases, ceramic is the go-to option.


Generally, wood look tile works well with most homes. Most of these tiles are made of porcelain but look like real wood. If you combine the wide variety of types of wood that these tiles emulate, with a multitude of different finishes, there is virtually an endless number of choices. This is beneficial because it allows you to find the perfect fit.


When it comes to tiling, what you may think is stone is often ceramic. These pieces are often very appealing, but what if you wanted true stone? One way that homeowners have been integrating true stone tiling into their home is with pebble tiling. This tiling is small, smooth stones brought together in a very attractive manner. This tiling is popular in bathrooms, particularly in showers.


Technically, laminate flooring is not tiled. However, you can get a very visually-appealing floor that has been laminated. Laminate floors can appear to be tile, but this is merely a visual effect. Laminate is actually made of particle board. Laminate floor installation is much easier than true tile, as laminate is pretty much just size and place. Laminated floors are a great, cost-effective substitute for traditional tile.

Whatever tiling choice you choose, it should be the one that works best for you.

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