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What Is The Right Flooring For Pet Owners?

Owning a home and owning a pet are both huge responsibilities. Sometimes, these two tasks don’t seem to coincide. Pets, while great additions to the family, can sometimes wreak havoc on a home, especially while they are still young and learning. Not only is this an annoyance, but pets can actually cause some pretty serious damage.

One area of concern for many pet owners is their flooring. Pets, dogs in particular, have a tendency to damage flooring, both with their nails and their accidents. This begs the question: what are the best flooring options for pet owners? If you are looking for a pet-friendly home, keep an eye out for these options.

Tile or Stone

Tile and stone are both very durable flooring options. They are virtually impervious to damage from pet nails. Pet accidents are also easy to clean up and won’t damage the floor’s structure. Be wary though, this flooring can be uncomfortable and cold, for both you and your pet.


Looking for a wood floor that is pet-friendly? Consider bamboo. The cost-effective material is very durable and can make clean up easier. However, just make sure you choose a high-quality bamboo that is more durable.


Vinyl is another pet-friendly choice. This stylish flooring can look like hardwood, while still being pet-friendly. It is very strong, and the smooth surface makes cleaning up messes easy.

Pets make great additions to the home, and with pet-friendly flooring, taking care of both the house and pet is much easier.

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