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Four Ideas for Accent Walls in Your Home

Want to spruce up your tired old bedroom, living room, or kitchen, without spending valuable time and money on redecorating? How about trying an accent wall, an easy and wallet-friendly way to create some visual interest in any room in your home!

No longer considered just a simple paint job, accent wall treatments are getting more creative and innovative than ever. Here are four ideas for accent walls that are perfectly adaptable for any home’s decor style. Remember, even the smallest accent can make a great impact.

Bold and Beautiful

Of course, sometimes all a wall needs for a brand new look are a couple gallons of paint and a free afternoon. Color is excellent for helping accentuate a room’s unique features, and paint is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to create an eye-catching accent wall.

Choosing just the right paint color is an important step; utilize cool and warm tones in order to select a shade/tint that best complements the space’s color scheme. If you’re working with more natural tones, feel free to go a little bolder with the wall. Try using metallic or faux-finish paint instead of traditional matte for a trendier, modern vibe.

Beautiful panorama house interior features great room with white plank ceiling accented with wood beams over Cozy seating arrangement. Northwest, USA

Keep it Natural

If you’re a person who just can’t get enough of Mother Nature in their home, why not bring the outdoors in? Brick, reclaimed wood, stone, or tile accent walls are great for adding texture and warmth in a room. Peel-and-stick tiles or wood panels can add in that natural feel without all the extra time and money spent that comes with traditional instillation, and they come in a variety of designs.

Modern apartment living room interior with a purple accent wall and sloping ceiling with skylights above a parquet floor and modern grey lounge suite with wall cabinets and television

Shelf It Up

Need a way to create a little extra space in a smaller home? Turn any blank wall into an organizing opportunity by adding in some wire-frame racks or floating shelves for storage.

Arrange treasured items such as small plants/flowers, picture frames, candles, books, and favorite keepsakes, and switch them with different items every few months with the seasons. Display favorite photos or artwork in coordinated frames in order to create a personalized gallery wall and show off some favorite memories.

Freelancer's room with gray concrete wall and vibrant yellow accents

Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to get a little crafty with your wall decor!

Wallpaper may have garnered a reputation as being relegated to stuffy dining rooms and entertainment areas in your parents’ house, but in small doses it can give any space a fresh, vibrant feel. Coming in many fun colors and patterns, temporary or “renters” wallpaper is easily removable (requiring no paste or water for application) and a budget-friendly way to change up a wall without the commitment. If you have any scraps left over, stick some extra paper in the back of your shelves or inside your cabinets for a fun surprise.

Want to create an original design instead? Try out some easy-to-use wall stencils; they’re a great way to add in an accent color or two without overwhelming the entire room, and you won’t even need to repaint the whole wall! The latest trend for wall stencils includes muted natural colors and geometric and Moroccan-inspired designs.

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