Simple Storage Solutions
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Simple Storage Solutions

A little bit of storage space goes a long way, and with these simple storage solutions, you’ll improve the amount of space in your home quickly and easily.

Behind-the-Door Storage

If you’re searching for the perfect storage spot, don’t overlook the space behind your doors! It’s a great area to store items that don’t quite have a home. Create a set of shallow shelves by carving out some space in the wall behind any door in your home.

End Closet Shelves

Are you utilizing all of the room in your closet? There may some extra space that you’re missing out on. Add a set of wire shelves at the end of your closet and use a pair of end mounting brackets for each shelf. These extra storage spaces are perfect for spare sweaters, blankets, or towels.

Glass Shower Shelf

If your shower is feeling a bit cluttered, adding an extra shelf might be the perfect solution. Use a safe material like tempered glass to avoid any injuries later on. Add your shelf using cable shelf brackets that the glass can hang on. It’s a great solution for storing extra shampoo, soaps, and shower necessities.

Perimeter Shelves

If you have some extra space around the perimeter of your walls, add some shelves! Utilize the 12 inches of wall under your ceiling by adding some much-needed shelf space. Use it for books, loose odds and ends, and even extra clothes that can’t fit into your closet

Simple Storage Solutions

Headboard Shelf

If you’re in need of a little extra space in your bedroom, how about your headboard? Use a flat headboard that gives you just enough space for books, magazines, a clock, or some delicious-smelling candles.

Bed Frame Drawers

If a headboard isn’t enough extra space, try going for some under-the-bed storage. Buy or create a bed frame that includes a couple of additional drawers you can use for extra clothes and belongings. Plus, as a bonus, this type of bed frame gives your mattress firm support to keep it in excellent condition.

Simple Storage Solutions

Hidden Trash Cans

Make a little extra room in your bathroom by hiding your trash bin. Transform the space under your bathroom counter into the perfect spot for your trash. Not only will it keep your waste out of sight, but it will give you more space in your bathroom for some extra decor.

Tank Top Rings

Create extra space in your drawers by moving your tank tops to a new spot. Attach shower rings to a hanger and use the rings to hang your tank tops. The entire hanger should fit easily into your closet or bedroom door frame and give you much more space in your drawers for other belongings.

Corked Jewelry

If your vanity is a bit cluttered, use a cork board to pin up and organize your jewelry. Add a gilded frame to give your board an extra flare of elegance. This simple wall organizer will keep your jewelry from tangling while giving you some extra space on your dresser.


If these simple storage solutions aren’t enough, maybe it’s time for a remodel! The experts at Eagle Construction are the home renovation specialists that are here to help you transform your home.

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