Simple & Sweet Living Room Updates
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Simple & Sweet Living Room Updates

Are you actually living in your living room or have you been avoiding it and its outdated style? If you’re looking for a way to update your living room without doing anything too drastic, there are a few quick and simple changes you can make.

Check out our list of simple switches for your living room for some inspiration!

Modernize Your Lighting

If you’ve been using the same lights for years, it may be time to do some updating. Shop around for modern and trendy lamps that boost your living room’s style. Before you throw away your old lights, we recommend selling or donating them to a local charity as long as they’re still working. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Install Paneling

Interior butt-board paneling can give your home a rustic and charming appearance with a farmhouse vibe. Your walls tie your living room together, so sprucing them up can make a huge difference.

Bring In a Shelf

If your living room acts as a magnet for clutter, then bring in some organization reinforcements. Adding extra storage space to your living room will provide another area where you can store those miscellaneous items and add some extra decor. Pick out an elegant standing shelf or antique bookshelf and your living room will receive a much-needed style spruce up. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, get a DIY shelf that you can put together yourself!

Simple & Sweet Living Room Updates

Spruce Up Your Coffee Table

Your coffee table is more than the place where your feet rest after you’ve had a long day. It’s a major focal point, so it’s important that it ties your room together.

It’s easy for your coffee table to become outdated. You can find an entirely new table, or just update what’s on top of it. Throw away the clutter that’s been resting on your coffee table for years and give it a good scrub. Top your freshly spruced up coffee table with a new candle, a wicker basket, a small plant, the list goes on! Simply switching out little decor and decluttering is an easy way to make old furniture feel brand new.

Simple & Sweet Living Room Updates

Refresh With a Rug

Transform your outdated living room by rolling out a new rug. A colorful rug spruces up a room’s overall appearance. If you’re feeling ambitious, layer a small rug on top of an oversized one. This will make your room look bigger and enhance its colors. If you want, you can rotate rugs. Have a new rug for each season or whenever you feel like your living room needs a quick touch up.


Simple & Sweet Living Room Updates

Rearrange Your Furniture

This might be the oldest trick in the book, but it’s one of the best ways to quickly enhance a room.  Switching around your furniture boosts the appearance of your living room and makes your entire room feel brand new. Simple switches are an easy way to revamp an entire room.


Living Room Updates if You’re Feeling Ambitious

If you’ve tried the simple living room changes and they’re just not doing the trick, step up your remodeling with a few of these updates:

  • Revamp your flooring by adding new hardwood floors.
  • Repaint your living room with new, bold colors.
  • Boost your living room’s aesthetic appeal by outfitting your room with detailed trim.
  • Install a fireplace to enhance your room’s ambiance.


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