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Transform Any Room Into an Ideal Children’s Playroom

Is there a spare room in the home you need to find a suitable use for? Got a nursery you want to update as your child grows up? Do you want a safe area for them to play in without risking their toys being spilled all over the house?

It may be time for investing in a playroom of their own that they can spend time in comfortably without pestering their parents. No matter how you choose to design it, every successful playroom must be at least three things – cozy, colorful, and organized. For many parents, this idea can seem unbelievably daunting without receiving the right guidance or being in the right headspace.

Here are just a few easy ways to achieve all that and more to create a playroom your child will love, without spending a lot of unnecessary time and money.

Keep It… Colorful

Of course, any playroom should be a bright, cheerful, inviting place for your child, and that includes filling it with eye-catching colors that’ll inspire creativity.

Decorate the walls to help set it apart from other areas in the home. Paint an accent wall a bright color (such as fuchsia or lime green), use removable sticker decals, hang up your child’s pictures or artwork, or incorporate chalkboard pain for a personal touch.

Mix and match different colors, patterns, and textiles through accessories such as blankets, pillows, and throw rugs, or add in fun extras like twinkly lights or a beaded curtain. Just don’t get too detailed with following a specific color palette or theme while decorating, since kid’s tastes can frequently change on a whim.

Keep It… Cozy

Your child’s playroom should be a safe haven for them to explore their favorite pastimes, so keep that in mind when designing the space. Would they be happier with a reading nook with shelves filled with their favorite books, or an entertainment center packed with a television and video-game system for playing until their heart’s content? What about a miniature stage with theater curtains to perform on, or an arts-and-crafts table where they can get their hands dirty?

Talk with them about how they will use the room, and section off certain areas for different activities. Make sure it’s a comfortable place where there aren’t many chances for them to get hurt. Lay down rugs for hard floors, and for seating try bean bag chairs, inflatable furniture, or even creating a little canopy or hideaway area with blankets, pillows, and favorite stuffed animals.

Keep It… Organized

Colourful children rooom with white walls and furniture. Rainbow carpet at home interior with a window

Of course, everyone knows that children are some of the messiest creatures on the planet, and as such it’s incredibly easy for a playroom to accumulate the clutter of a war zone. The first step is to clear out the entire room (if it’s already being used) and start from scratch.

Make three piles for their toys – keep, donate, and trash – and sort accordingly; aside from a few sentimental items, get rid of anything that your child has outgrown or grown bored playing with, and continue regularly rotating through the inventory and purging when needed.

For storage, have a mix of open and closed options; limit closed storage for toys with lots of tiny pieces and easily messy items such as glue or glitter. Open storage such as baskets, bins, or cubbies keep games, art supplies, or dolls at eye level and within arm’s reach for cleanup while also adding some much-needed personality. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, put in pieces that serve a dual purpose. Have a TV taking up room in the corner? Perch it on top of a small cabinet and use the shelves for extra storage.

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