Use Mirrors to Spruce up Your Home
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Use Mirrors to Spruce up Your Home

With so many creative and trendy ways to style a home, simple methods often get overlooked. What’s the oldest trick in the book? Using a mirror to spruce up your home! Mirrors are simple, straightforward, and yet still stylish.

Mirrors aren’t just for your bathroom and closet. Long mirrors, round mirrors, oval mirrors, oversized mirrors, the list goes on! But how exactly can a mirror enhance your home?

Benefits of Mirrors

  • Mirrors make a room look bigger than it actually is. They enlarge a place to make it appear twice its size and as well as create more dimension.
  • Adding a mirror boosts natural light. Instead of installing windows (which can get expensive) try adding a mirror. This will enhance the amount of light that gets inside your room, making it brighter than ever before.
  • Using a mirror for simple bathroom decor is an old yet reliable trick. Bathrooms are difficult to design as you have to find the perfect balance between simple and charming. Adding a mirror allows for natural light to flow in as well as provide simple decor. Plus, it’ll create another great place to fix your makeup!
  • Adding a mirror to a big wall establishes a focal point. They add a splash of style and light to a room.  We recommend placing a mirror above a fireplace or a bed.
Use Mirrors to Spruce up Your Home

Tips for Your Mirror Decor

Remember the Reflection

Don’t forget the main purpose of a mirror, which is to check out your reflection. Be sure to not place your mirror at an unflattering angle that makes you grimace whenever you enter the room.

Go Big in Your Home

The bigger the better, right? Big mirrors make a room look much more spacious. If you want to enhance a bathroom or small area of your home, go with a full-length mirror.

Use Mirrors to Spruce up Your Home

Properly Place It

Don’t skimp out when it comes to hanging your mirror. For starters, do you want to risk a shattered mirror in your home? Not only is it bad luck, but it’s a huge mess to clean up. That being said, a small nail or fastening strip won’t get the job done. Use proper wall hooks or photo hangers that are able to support the entire weight of your mirror. If you’re dealing with a large and heavy mirror, recruit help or hire a professional to hang it for you. Being careful will keep your mirror from becoming a liability.

Consider Everything

Mirrors may seem simple, but they come in numerous different styles, colors, and designs. In order to pick the best one for your room, check out all of the different types. What style are you aiming for? Is it traditional, modern, edgy, or classic? Once you decide, you’ll be able to choose a mirror that properly fits your design.


If all of this mirror talk has inspired a serious remodel, let Eagle Construction be the ones to help! Our top-notch team is ready to help you design the new room of your dreams.

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