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5 Storage Solutions For Your Kitchen Remodel

Many people choose to remodel their kitchen for functional purposes as much as they do aesthetic purposes. Islands, custom cabinetry and modern appliances all serve to create a homeowner-friendly environment that makes cooking a much easier task thanks to the recent remodel.

Something that can add to both aesthetic and functional components of the kitchen is the storage you implement. Storage is a necessity for organizing utensils, glassware, pots, pans and ingredients, and implementing it in unique, visually-appealing ways can transform your kitchen into a beautiful space for cooking, creating and entertaining.

neat and orderly pan rack

Hanging Pan Rack

Hanging pan racks have become kitchen storage staples, especially in kitchens with islands in the center. There is just something about a quality metal pan rack that makes any kitchen feel like a hub for culinary creativity. These racks keep bulky pots and pans out of the way while giving your kitchen some charm at the same time.

Window Shelf

Having shelves constructed above kitchen windows can give you a decorative area to store chinaware and dishware when not in use. Window shelves can help dress up windows with a nice accent, while providing a space to store excess dishware in a way that gives your kitchen character.

Modern kitchen with granite backsplash and functional cabinets

Backsplash Shelves

You already have a nice backsplash, why not add some shelving to it to provide the perfect space for glassware? By adding some backsplash shelves, you’ll be creating a storage solution that gives glassware its own place that still leaves you room for food prep on countertops. Having glass shelves installed can create a nice decorative effect to match the glassware.

Stylish Home Interior With Open Plan Kitchen

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves appear like they aren’t attached to a wall with any support, creating an effect that looks as if they are floating along the wall. This creates a beautiful look in nearly any kitchen, offering a space to store plates and bowls.

Opened wooden kitchen drawer with accessories inside, solution for kitchen storage and organizing, cooking, modern interior design, 3d illustration

Cabinet Peg System

Need a customizable way to store dishware inside cabinet drawers? Consider having a peg system put in. This way you can remove pegs and place them wherever you need so you can fit dishware of various shapes and sizes.

When remodeling your kitchen, there are so many storage choices that can have a great visual impact on your home. There is an option for every kitchen style and ambiance, so be sure to take the time to find the storage solution that fits your home best.

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