Designer large Kitchen with recessed lighting, pendant lighting and undercabinet lighting

7 Types Of Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is fun to shop for when having a professional remodel your home because there are a variety of styles that can serve to accent the look you want for your new kitchen. Lighting is also a very important purchase because your light sources need be as functional as they are aesthetically-pleasing.

When it comes to kitchen lighting, there is no shortage of options to fit the aesthetic of your kitchen project, as you can mix and match styles to your liking to create a well-lit kitchen that wows.


A round ceiling light fixture has been turned on and is lighting the darkness.Ceiling Fixtures

There are a few different types of ceiling fixtures to choose from: flush-mount and semi-flush-mount or close-to-ceiling fixtures that all provide different appearances. Flush-mount fixtures have glass and diffusers that actually touch the ceiling, while semi-flush-mount fixtures allow light to reflect off the ceiling since the bowl hangs down a few inches away from the ceiling itself.


modern kitchen with undercabinet lighting and cabinet lightingUndercabinet Lighting

Undercabinet lighting is not a main source of lighting for your kitchen, but it serves as a nice accent to your primary sources of lighting. Undercabinet lights are a great source of task lighting, as they brighten counter and prep spaces without casting a shadow over the area.  


A luxury remodeled kitchen with pendant lights that serve as general lighting and accent lightingPendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is a popular lighting form in kitchens due to the many options available to fit a range of kitchen aesthetics. These lights are often very decorative, and can serve multiple uses. They can easily serve as your kitchens source of primary lighting, as they bring lighting closer to areas where visibility is important. This also makes them a good source of task lighting, allowing you to use them as a dual-source of light for multiple areas in you kitchen.


modern kitchen with recessed lightingRecessed Lights

Recessed lighting is a choice available if you’re looking to forego overly-decorative lighting. Recessed lights are unobtrusive, as they essentially disappear into the ceiling. These can also be forms of general kitchen lighting or task lighting, as they can be placed over sinks or prep spaces.


Kitchen with island and a chandelierChandeliers

Chandeliers might just be the kind of decorative kitchen lighting fixtures, as they are suspended from the ceiling and offer a little more style than regular ceiling fixtures. If you’ve ever been in a more formal dining room, you’ve probably seen a chandelier that has caught your attention.


Vintage sconce with white glass shades. Isolated white background.Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Wall lights are not usually a form of general lighting, but take the form of accent or task lights that often match other lighting in your kitchen. A common form of wall lighting are sconces, which can help to accent focal points that you want to bring attention to in the kitchen.


Remodeled kitchen with track lighting and rail lightingTrack Lighting

Track lighting is a decorative form of general lighting with a lot of flexibility. Also known as rail lighting, these can be long, short, straight, bowed, and hang from the ceiling or be flush to it. If you’re looking for a stylish from of kitchen lighting that also offers a significant amount of flexibility, track lighting is definitely something you’ll want to look into.

The right lighting can really add some life to your kitchen, and it’s important to speak with your contractor about how you would like the lighting fixtures installed in your kitchen. An experienced kitchen remodeling company will be able to get the light installation done right so you can enjoy the new look or your kitchen thanks to your new lighting.

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