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Be Smart About Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Has your spring cleaning morphed into summer renovations? From cooking, washing dishes, and eating meals, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens. As you plan to change the paint color, remodel your countertops, and replace your floors, don’t forget to replace those old appliances. While many people see the benefits of a smart TV or adding a Roomba to their vacuum lineup, replacing kitchen appliances with smart additions may seem a bit unnecessary. However, if you want to stress less on what to cook, spend less time stuck in the kitchen, and know exactly what you need on every shopping trip, then these smart appliances are a must have!

Small Steps

Upgrading to smart appliances doesn’t have to break the bank. If you want to keep upgrades cheap or start out small there are plenty of useful smart appliances you can start off with. Add smart capability to many of your appliances such as your coffee maker or lights with a smart plug adapter. Simply plug it into your wall, set it up using an app on your phone and gain control and accessibility of what you plug in, no matter where you are.

You can also find smart alternatives from egg trays to crockpots and coffee makers. Keep your eggs in a smart egg tray that uses an LED light to show you older eggs and can send notifications to your phone as your eggs begin to go bad. If you find you’re always on the go with little time to spend in the kitchen, then a smart crockpot is just what you need! Adjust the temperature and cook time from your phone, and your dinner will be ready by the time you get home. Coffee pots have also come a long way from your programmable morning brew. Now, you can update your coffee maker to a smart edition that collaborates with Alexa to make your morning brew whenever you want. Whether you need your morning brew or your afternoon pick-me-up a smart coffee maker can begin brewing your coffee at a moment’s notice with the Alexa app.

Big Improvements

If you’re looking to make a bigger leap in designing your smart kitchen, you’ll want to look into smart fridges, ovens, and stovetops. Some smart fridges come equipped with large tablet-sized screens that not only offer apps for music streaming, grocery lists, and recipes, but also TV mirroring capabilities. The large interactive screen also provides a memo board and family calendar, so the whole family can leave digital notes on the fridge door. Not sure if you finished all the milk or still have your favorite salad dressing? Take advantage of your smart fridge’s contents on-the-go through an app on your phone using the fridge’s three interior cameras.

Smart ovens and stovetops can also make for an easier and more hands-off cooking experience, so you can truly be in two places at once! Smart ovens connect to wi-fi so they can respond to commands sent through an app on your smartphone, or can handle voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant. Get dinner started while you’re leaving the office or gym and preheat your oven, adjust cooking time, and turn it off when it’s finished all from your phone. Your smart oven can also connect to recipe apps, so you can try something new. Select the recipe you want to try, and the smart oven will automatically preheat to the correct temperature, cook food for the proper amount of time, and will even turn itself off based on the provided directions. Finish preparing your meal with a smart stove top! A smart stove top will accommodate all of your cooking desires with multiple types of burners that work for any dish, pot, or pan.

Need a Hand?

Remodeling your kitchen can be a lot of work. There’s no need to get overwhelmed with replacing cabinets, countertops, and flooring. Eagle Construction and Remodeling is here to help! Let us know what your dream kitchen looks like and we can make it a reality!

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