Top Kitchen Trends for 2019
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Top Kitchen Trends for 2019

New year, new kitchen! Are you starting to think about a kitchen renovation in the new year? If so, check out what trends and styles we’re predicting to see a lot of in 2019!

Integrated Appliances

Kitchens are becoming more efficient every year thanks to new appliances. Built-in devices give a kitchen a modern and trendy appearance while using less space. Integrated appliances are camouflaged into your kitchen design, so when they’re not being used they blend right in. Integrated appliances allow for a more versatile kitchen, which is why we’re predicting to see a lot of them in 2019.

Top Kitchen Trends for 2019

Creative Storage Solutions

Similar to integrated appliances, storage space is becoming better camouflaged to make your kitchen appear less cluttered. Custom storage units allow you to hide away appliances and kitchen tools while maintaining the trendy design of your kitchen. Plus, these storage solutions give you a chance to get creative! We’ve seen floating shelves, hanging plate racks, and pull out pantries and cutting boards. All of these are popular ways to cut down on space and keep your kitchen looking stylish.

Two-Tone Cabinets

Why stick to one cabinet style when you could have two? Two-toned cabinets use contrasting colors to create a trendy and spacious-looking kitchen. We recommend implementing darker shades near the bottom with lighter cabinets above your kitchen counters. This adds more depth, especially if you’re working with a confined space. We also suggest sticking to earthy and natural tones to add a natural flow to your kitchen. To finish, add some bold finishing touches like a gold appliance or stainless steel microwave.

Top Kitchen Trends for 2019

Glass Shelving

We’re predicting to see bulky wooden shelves take a back seat in 2019. Instead, sleek and chic glass shelves are going to be everywhere. They give off a luxurious vibe that matches your modern kitchen style. Not only are they nice to look at, but glass shelves are also quite functional. They’re easy to keep clean and reflect light to give off a brighter kitchen. Glass shelves blend into their environment and match well with most kitchen designs, which is why we think we’ll be seeing a lot of them in the near future.

Induction Cooktops

Everything is getting smarter this year, even our cooking! Induction burners use electromagnetism to heat pots and pans, which speeds up the cooking process. On average, induction burners can heat food 25% to 50% faster than a traditional gas or electric oven. This also makes these ovens much more energy efficient. With induction burners, you eliminate the risk of grease and gas fires, making them a top safety pick. They’re also very easy to clean and offer a better aesthetic appeal than traditional ovens. Induction burners are not very common in America, although they are very widespread in Europe. We’re predicting that this will change in 2019 and we’ll see more Americans trading out their old ovens for more effective and safer induction cooktops.

Top Kitchen Trends for 2019

Unique Sinks

Farmhouse sinks? No, thank you. One of the biggest areas of creativity in the kitchen this year is going to be the sink. Sinks are going to make a statement by having intricate designs and using unexpected materials. From wash basins to covered sinks, the most frequently used appliance in the kitchen is going to be making a serious statement in 2019.


If you’re excited to implement some of these kitchen renovation ideas into your home this year, the team at Eagle Construction can get the job done!

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