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Ultimate Kitchen Light Guide

Your home’s kitchen often serves as a one-stop shop for cooking, finding snacks, mingling with guests, and even checking homework or making shopping lists. This central hub of your home deserves all the attention it can get, and there’s no better attention grabber than shining the right lights. From trendy to functional, we’ve put together the ultimate kitchen light guide to get your Lehigh Valley kitchen shining bright.

Pendant Lights

kitchen lit by pendant lights

Pendant lights are not only trendy to hang over kitchen islands, but they also come in such a large array of options that they still provide plenty of freedom to express yourself. Pendant lights are great at providing a general ambience to the entire room, or they can be used to help brighten counter space that’s used for prepping meals or reading recipes.

The sky is truly the limit on the look you can achieve with pendant lighting. Choose from unique geometric shapes for a fun appeal or stick to classic spheres, cylinders, and oblong shapes. Even the material you choose can fit the theme you’re shining towards. Create a vintage look with ceramic pendant lights, go for an antique setting with brass pendants, or brighten up the space with fun colored-glass pendant lights. If rustic farmhouse is the theme you’re shooting for, find a nice basket pendant lighting, or use metal pendant lighting for a more modern appearance.

Track Lighting

kitchen lit with track lighting

If hanging fixtures doesn’t sound like something that’ll brighten your day, track lighting is another popular kitchen lighting option. This is also a great option if your kitchen ceiling is made of cement or features high beams, making mounted lights difficult. Track lighting is great at shining extra light on food prep spaces or adding ease for reading. While they predominantly serve over kitchen islands or counterspaces, they’re great for providing you the opportunity to focus all of the lights in one area or allow you to position the spotlights to shine in various directions.

Just like pendant lights, track lights also allow for your personal taste to shine in the kitchen. If you like simple features, choose a black spotlight. If you’re looking for something different, try cable lights. Did we mention there’s also something called monorail lighting? This is a bendable form of track lighting that provides you the ability to bend it across your kitchen for larger space coverage and a fun look.

Under Cabinet Lighting

kitchen lit with under cabinet lighting

If you want kitchen lighting that can truly be done yourself, you’ll want to invest in under cabinet lighting. Puck lights are small round LED lights and linear lights are strips or bars of light, both of which can be placed under your kitchen cabinets. No matter your choice of LED lighting for under your cabinets, they are easy to mount yourself and can also be purchased in a dimmable version.

Under cabinet lights are an affordable way to add visual depth to your kitchen. Look at it as adding another layer of light to your kitchen, from the overhead lights that add brightness to the entire room, to the under the cabinet lights adding another layer of light to your countertops. Adding these LED lights to your Berks county kitchen are also energy efficient, allowing you to save on your energy bill.

Chandelier Lighting

kitchen lit with chandelier lighting

Adding chandelier lighting to your kitchen can give it the finishing touch and decorative feel you’re searching for. While most people often equate chandeliers to formal and not function, that’s not always the case. While you can find a chandelier that can give your kitchen more of an antique, fancy, or modern vibe, it’s also important to realize chandeliers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. No matter the style you choose, your kitchen will be complete with only one hanging chandelier, effectively using less space in a smaller room while maintaining the look you want.

Are you looking to completely remodel your home’s kitchen near Reading, PA, or maybe need a helping hand with completing your kitchen with the perfect lighting? Eagle Construction is here to help! Contact us today with your ideas, or we can help you brainstorm what lighting will help complete the kitchen look you’re going for.

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