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Which Kitchen Style Is Best For You?

Kitchen remodeling is a laborious, daunting task that can strike fear into even the most seasoned homeowner’s heart. There are so many personal factors that need to be taken into consideration: Will it be easy to clean all the messes left behind by the kids? Is is accessible for every family member in the house? Will there be enough room for all my cooking supplies? One of the most important aspects is what style you want to decorate your kitchen in; it should complement the rest of your home’s interior and make just the right statement. Is your kitchen formal or casual? Refined or rustic? Modern or old-fashioned? While there are many varieties in design schemes on the market, we’ve narrowed it down here to four of the most popular – and all their variances – in order to create a kitchen that’s best for you.

Traditional… If You Want Something Timeless

Traditional kitchens are naturally elegant and inviting, usually with a old-world or all-American touch – reminiscent of formal holiday celebrations from centuries past. Traditional style is ornate and decorative while still being crisp and comfortable, using a variety of colors, patterns and textures, hardware, and a blend of curved, irregular and straight lines, all tied together through careful symmetry and balance. Wood cabinets in shades of maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, and oak (natural or stained) are common, as are raised panel or glass doors, latched hardware, natural materials, and antique fixtures and appliances. The devil here is in the details, which can include crown and rope molding, appliques, arches, corbels, and other ornamentation.

Modern… If You’re Craving Something Contemporary

New kitchen boasts dark wood cabinets white backsplash subway tile and over sized island with white and grey quartz counter illuminated by pendant lights. Northwest USA

Sleek and sophisticated, modern/contemporary kitchens are the antithesis towards the fussiness present in traditional style. Though definitions may vary, modern/contemporary style is typically characterized by clean lines – simple hardware and door shapes, frameless cabinets, slab/horizontal lift-up door styles, curved cabinets and counters, minimal moldings, and reflective surfaces – and open spaces that keep clutter at a minimum. Palette is neutral and monochromatic with a few pops of bold color, materials are man-made rather than natural (including aluminum, stainless steel, laminate, concrete, metallic, glass and stone), designs are symmetrical and geometric, and decoration is minimal with few embellishments. This kitchen style is perfect for entertaining friends and family because it is elegant while still being inviting.

Country… If You Want To Travel Back to the Past

Stylish Home Interior With Open Plan Kitchen

Easy, breezy, and comfortable, country style kitchens are meant to feel lived-in and hark back to a simpler past spent in nature – even in the most suburban area. Characteristic details include light and/or bright colors and patterns (including florals, checks, gingham and plaid), painted, glazed and distressed cabinets, decorative shelving, chintz and calico window and wall treatments, woven baskets, seasonal embellishments, handmade materials, and antiques.

For a more farmhouse or cottage-inspired feel, incorporate soft colors, open shelving, classic wood flooring, vintage hardware, furniture-inspired cabinetry, and high-end appliances in white or retro colors. For a rustic, Americana feel reminiscent of a log cabin in the woods, incorporate warm earth tones, wood paneling and ceiling beams, timber, stone, brick, copper or iron materials, and fireplace areas.

Transitional… If You Need a Little Bit of Everything

Remodeled kitchen with track lighting and rail lighting

Why choose just one style when you can have them all? Transitional kitchens are the perfect balance between traditional and modern styles, combining the clean, simple lines of contemporary style with the warm atmosphere found in more country-inspired designs. One of the easiest and most requested styles today, transitional styles blend natural and man-made materials, colors, textures, flooring and lightning. The eclectic result conveys an effortless freedom and self-expression.

No matter if you ultimately decide on a traditional, modern, country, or transitional kitchen, you’re sure to find a decor style that will check off every requirement on your list.

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