Build The Home You Want

Some contractors build houses. We build homes.

Choosing to build a new home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. A home is more than just a building, it’s a place customized to fit your family. That’s why at Eagle & Construction & Remodeling, our expert home developers take pride in creating a home fit to your exact specifications, built for your comfort and convenience.

Beautiful new custom home design in Berks County

Homes Fit For Every Lifestyle

Whether you want a home with a modern touch or a traditional look, we can help.

Custom Houses

Do you have your own ideas for your future home? Let us know and we’ll bring them to life.

Design Services

We handle all aspects of the home design process, communicating with you each step of the way.

Energy Efficiency

Having an efficient home can save you money on energy costs while also protecting the environment.
Home built by eagle Construction & Remodeling

Why Build Instead of Remodel?

A new house offers endless possibilities.

There are plenty of reasons to build a new home instead of choosing an existing property:

  • The sky is the limit
  • Full customization
  • Good for families

If you choose to build a new house, the possibilities for your future home are truly endless. Whether you’re expecting your family to grow or just moving into town, choosing to build a home allows you to get the living space you want and need. From room specifications to outdoor features to family-friendly aspects, building a home from scratch leaves every and any option on the table.

Full Service Home Builders

The contractors at Eagle & Construction & Remodeling are skilled in every facet of home construction. We offer design-build services, which takes pressure off of you by allowing us to handle design AND construction! If you’d like to play a larger role in the home development process, we’ll gladly use your input to build a home around your desires. Regardless of how involved you’d like to be during the construction process, we promise you’ll end up with a home you love! Visit our portfolio for our latest projects.

High Quality Construction

In every project we work on, we take satisfaction in knowing that we provided the highest quality service to customers seeking new houses. At Eagle Construction, we develop close relationships with customers to ensure that they are getting the home they want. With every new home build, we use high quality materials to craft homes built to last because our customers deserve it.