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8 Tips To Make Your Living Room Comfy And Cozy

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, and family rooms may be the more functional, primary living space, but it is important not to forget about the other common space in your home that can be utilized as a secondary living area: the living room.

Making your living room functional, comforting and welcoming is important when planning for your new home or soon-to-be remodeled room, as not properly furnishing it can leave it as just another living room on the long list of rooms that goes unused  Here, we’ll offer tips on everything from design to decoration dedicated to making your home’s living room the most comfortable version of itself it can be.


Make The Fireplace The Focal Point

There may be no home feature that screams comfort better than a fireplace. Stone and rustic-looking hearths give of an even greater sense of coziness while also making them a focal point of any room. Create a gathering area around your fireplace by arranging furniture around it to create a living space with natural warmth and natural light.



Use Warm Colors

By having your living room painted or furnished with warm colors, you’ll be taking great first steps toward giving your living room a warm, comfortable vibe just through your choice of colors. Warm neutrals are also a great option, as they can be paired with furniture of similar or different colors to accent your living room.


Implement Wood And Stone For A Lodge-Like Feel

Implementing wood and stone in your home can instantly add a cozy, rustic feel, especially when coupled with warm-colored paints and furniture. Wooden ceiling beams can give a cabin-like feel, as can a stone hearth, which greatly enhances the natural, comforting feel that cabins and lodges give off.


Add Color and Character Through Books

This one is for the bookworms and library lovers. Implementing bookshelves offers opportunities to create home libraries which can add a sense of comfort and color to your living room, depending on the color of the books’ bindings. Shelves made from wood or painted with warm or neutral colors can help to add your goals for comfort, but be careful not to overload your living room with warm-colored everything. Moderation is key in interior design.


Choose Comfortable Furniture

Color and design can only take you so far. If your furniture isn’t literally comfortable, your room won’t be either and it will join the thousands of living rooms that turn into a showroom rather than a living space. When choosing furniture for your home, make sure it is something you can envision and feel yourself sitting on for long periods of time.


A living room that mixes solid colors and patterns with books and bookshelves in the background


Mix Color With Patterns

When decorating any room, but especially a living room, you want a healthy balance of solids and patterns to mix up the look of the room so it doesn’t appear too uniform in its look.

Two mixing tips: when mixing patterns and colors, choose the same color intensities on items that you’re mixing. Additionally, if you are in need of inspiration, looking to Mother Nature for help, as natural tones and colors can help to create the natural, comforting appearance that you are looking for in your living room.


Fill Without Overcrowding

Filling rooms with comfortable furniture can really help to create coziness in a living room. It is important to fill without overcrowding, using side tables and coffee tables to create surface space without having to jam in furniture or squeeze through tight spaces to navigate through the room.


Use Warm Lighting

Lighting that looks extremely artificial can kill any sense warmth that a room gives off. By using light bulbs that give off a soft or warm glow—and ditching light bulbs that have a blue tint—you can instantly boost the comfort and warmth of your room.



Creating a cozy living room can work wonders for making it a room that is functional and utilized to its full potential. Too many living rooms go underutilized due to poor furnishing or a lack of comfort. By utilizing the tips above to guide the design and construction of your living room, you will be taking the right steps toward creating a living room that you will never want to leave.

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