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How To Choose Between A Wet Bar and Dry Bar For Your Home

Many people enjoy the idea of adding a bar to their home. If you’re looking for an entertainment space to better serve guests, a bar is a functional option to pursue when remodeling or building a home.

A key decision is whether you want a wet or dry bar, with each providing different uses, benefits and drawbacks depending on your goals for your home. Type, location and your goals are all important factors to weigh when mulling over added this type of entertainment space, and it’s worth doing the proper research to determine what’s best for your home.

Chic living room features wet bar nook accented with glass subway tiled backsplash white cabinets shelves and granite countertop . Northwest USAWet Bar

A wet bar is a small bar or counter that is equipped with a sink and running water that is intended to be used for serving alcoholic beverages. Wet bars are best suited for areas located outside the kitchen, as they can be redundant when located within a kitchen, since you already have a counter space and a sink.

Wet bars are best reserved for areas like basements, man caves and outdoor spaces — areas located away from the kitchen that have the potential to serve as regular areas for entertainment.

If you’re thinking of installing a wet bar to increase the value of your home, you might want to think again. Many realtors caution against adding wet bars for value purposes, as some believe they are dated features. If you’re interested in one solely for functional purposes, don’t let that dissuade you, as wet bars are very useful for serving your favorite beverages to guest and company.

Empty glasses for wine above a bar rack. dried fruitsDry Bar

Real estate experts believe that dry bars — which ditch the sink and running water — are more trendy than wet bars because they are more adaptable and take up less space. Dry bars still create unique spaces solely for drinks and barware, but do so without the need for plumbing.

Dry bars serve as smaller spaces to display your favorite spirits, while serving as functional areas when needed. These are more likely to be seen in modern kitchens than wet bars, since they aren’t as redundant due to the lack of a sink.

These can even be implemented on existing counter spaces, using unique storage solutions like rollout drawers to create an area for serving when needed that can also be discreetly hidden when not in use.

The choice between wet bars and dry bars comes down to a few major factors, including space, purpose and the frequency of use. Be sure to weigh the benefits and disadvantages for each before having a professional install anything in your home so you can make the best decision possible for your entertainment needs.

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