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How To Create The Perfect Home Library

Whether you’re a bookworm or just have the extra space that you want to dedicate to reading, studying, lounging and working, a library is a great choice for any home, no matter if you’re choosing to remodel or build a home from scratch. Libraries offer a multitude of uses and give your home an air of intellect and sophistication.

So if you have a bonus room that’s ready to take on a new life, consider these seven elements to create the ultimate home library that will astonish and awe your guests and your family.

home library with wood panels

Built-In Shelving

Books are a given, so they won’t be included on this list of library features. However, those books are going to need some suitable storage, which is where shelving comes in. You don’t need to go with built-in shelving for your home library, but it gives it a lot more character, showing that it was built as a room with one purpose and one purpose only: to be a room dedicated to reading, relaxing and learning. Built-in shelves give libraries a much more traditional feel, especially when they’re crafted from high-quality woods.



If a traditional library is your goal, then a refined decorative touch will work wonders. Consider purchasing some nice artwork to adorn the walls and give your library character. Are you a fan of Picasso, Van Gogh or another famous artist? Prints can be bought for pretty cheap. Or, if you’re looking to create a library that’s truly unique, you could commission a painting specifically for your home library.

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Drapes And Artificial Lighting

While natural lighting may help your library look gorgeous, it can also do damage to your book collection. It will be best to protect your library from large quantities of natural light, so installing good quality curtains, drapes or blinds will help. Additionally, that lack of natural lighting will necessitate good quality lighting inside your library, so you’ll want to install the right fixtures to fit the aesthetic you’re going for. Again, if traditional is your goal, you can never go wrong with warm lighting.

library with wood paneling and hardwood floors

Lots Of Wood

When outfitted with wooden shelving, wooden furniture and other wood accents, libraries will glow with a classic aura. Often, visions of dream libraries bring forth pictures of wooden shelves with library ladders and beautiful furniture, all crafted from wood. If you want to give your library that classic, elegant feel, wood will be your best friend as you go through the remodeling, addition or construction process.

beautiful wooden library in older home

The Right Furniture

The right furniture is crucial for creating any room that you want to spend time in, and a library is no exception. Comfortable, appealing furniture will help you create a space that you’ll regularly want to be in. That means pleasant, restful chairs will be of utmost importance so you remain content while reading. Having a sturdy, high-quality desk will give you an area to focus on a variety of tasks, ranging from reading to writing to remote work from home. Adding some furniture just for relaxation isn’t a bad idea either.

library ladder

A Second Level

You know you’ve dreamed of it. Who wouldn’t want a second level in their library? A second level, accessible by staircase, will give your library a whole new attitude, bringing it from meek to bold. Adding shelving up there is an absolute must, as it will make your double-decker library one sought-after by friends and foes alike. If two levels aren’t doable, high shelving with a ladder will still work!


A Fireplace

A fireplace is a great finishing touch to add aesthetic appeal and comfort to your home library. After long days you can curl up in front of the fireplace with some hot chocolate and a good book and enjoy the warmth of the fire, all in the comfort of your home library. Fireplaces are great in any room, but they add much to libraries, both aesthetically and functionally.

Libraries are a great addition to any home and can be fully-designed to fit any aesthetic or visual goal. From traditional libraries to modern reading rooms, you can create one perfect for your home and lifestyle with the help of a good contractor who takes your ideas and brings them to life. All you need are the books, some comfy furniture and a desire to relax.

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