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Should I Include a Mudroom in My New Home?

Building a new home is an exciting time as you get to design every aspect of your future house including the things that matter most to you, such as that in-law suite, spacious kitchen, or an extra bathroom. However, when you only have so much square footage to work with, it can be difficult figuring out the best way to allocate space and what other types of rooms to include.

Many new homes now provide a mudroom, but are they worth including in your home or is it just a trend? No matter where you’re looking to settle down in Berks County, a mudroom can be a great addition. Regardless if you have kids, host often, or live a quiet life with just you and your significant other, there’s something everyone can gain from a mudroom.

Keep Your Home Clean

Whether you live in a bustling part of Reading, PA or come from the suburbs of Wyomissing, we all track dirt into our homes. A mudroom helps keep the dirt in one place by giving you a place to take off and keep your muddy shoes and jackets as soon as you walk in. Fleetwood winters can be rough, especially on your home’s floors with tracking in salt, ice and snow. A mudroom keeps all of the dirt, salt, and melted ice from entering your home, preserving your flooring for years to come.

Organization Perks

A mudroom is typically a small space; however, if you use it effectively it can store many items, and help you keep your home organized. Decorate it with cabinets, bins, or other decorative storage means to keep unsightly things put away, and add hooks on the walls for your kid’s backpacks or coats. To help everyone stay organized, it can be helpful to give each family member their own designated cubby or locker space to store their belongings.

If you’re someone who’s always misplacing your keys, forgetting to grab your sunglasses, or wishing you would’ve remembered a pair of gloves, a mudroom provides a great place to store these items and encourages you to remember them. You’re less likely to remember your sunglasses if they’re sitting in the bedroom, and it’s a lot easier to find your keys when they’re waiting for you on your way out. Decorate your mudroom with a wired basket that you can see your gloves and sunglasses waiting for you to grab them in, and put up a shelf with hooks to hang any hats or car keys.

Doubles as a Laundry Room

If you don’t have a house full of kids, you may not need to fill your mudroom with extra storage furniture such as cabinets and lockers. Don’t fret though, you too can still benefit from a mudroom and it’s multi-functions. Some people enjoy using their mudroom to house their washer and dryer and store their dirty laundry. Storing their bulky laundry equipment in the mudroom keeps it from taking up space in other rooms, and you can still furnish it with a countertop for folding clothing and add a sink.

Where to Put Your Mudroom?

Deciding if you wanted to build your home in Sinking Spring or Oley, PA was a big decision, but it’s not the only location-driven decision you have to make in the home building process. Deciding where to place each room is just as important, especially your mudroom. Your mudroom is only as functional as you make it. To get the best use out of it, you want to position it near the entrance you plan on using the most, whether that’s the front door or next to the garage.

There is no one right place to put a mudroom. Where a mudroom serves your family best, may not be where your neighbors want there’s. If you plan on storing winter coats or school supplies in your mudroom, it may not be placed in the same position as if you were going to use it for your laundry room.

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