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What No One Tells You About Building A New Home

If you’re on the fence about buying an older home or building new, there are quite a few reasons in favor of new construction. The major consideration tends to boil down to having the latest advances in home building technology. When you buy an older home, you are by definition not getting the newest features, but many people don’t consider the intricacies that might entail.

Why Not Renovate?

The idea of fixing up an existing home and making it into your own can be quite romantic, but the costs associated with that kind of work is often underestimated. Do-it-yourselfers can sometimes jump into a remodel thinking that saving money on the home initially is worth “a little bit of elbow grease.” However, bringing old construction up to modern standards is often incredibly challenging if not impossible. Here are a few specific reasons why building new can be better than buying existing.


Older construction tends to run into difficulty with proper insulation and consistent temperatures throughout the home. In some cases, there may have been a new remodel added that was not properly insulated, or when the walls were first put up, there were different standards.

New construction has the benefit of things like closed cell foam insulation, multi-layer glass windows, and other advances that boost energy efficiency by avoiding spending the power to constantly adjust the different temperatures throughout the home.

Health & Safety

In addition to keeping temperatures consistent, newer windows and doors are better at keeping dust and irritants from getting into your home. Modern construction with standardized HVAC systems are also excellent at maintaining a comfortable humidity, filtering out any airborne particles, and distributing a consistent temperature.

Again, old homes had different construction standards and norms. For example, asbestos was commonly used in construction up until it was banned in the 1970s. It was present in everything from soundproofing and insulation, to decorative fixtures and even stove-top pads. New construction has the benefit of never incorporating this dangerous material, so you can rest and breathe easier.

Warranties & Durability

New construction has the assurance that everything is up to current codes and materials nowadays are typically guaranteed for life. The materials used today are easier to maintain and last longer with more standardized components across the industry.

Over the centuries that people have been building homes, we’ve learned a thing or two. Construction materials are now much more resistant to insect damage and weathering, meaning you have to do upkeep less often.


If you’ve been in an older home, you might notice that hallways and doors are usually more narrow, open concept layouts were far less common, and space was not designed with ease of mobility for all in mind. It’s hard (and expensive) to widen those hallways and doors for older buildings, but new construction is built with these considerations already applied.

Advanced Home Tech

If you want your home to be more comfortable, secured with the best forms of security, and able to adapt to new changes in technology, building your new home is the best option. Running new wiring in an old home isn’t always possible or easy. For things like integrated speaker systems, electronic door monitoring for security, and energy efficient appliances, the easiest and most cost effective method for inclusion is going with new construction.

Trained Team That You Know

When you decide to build your own new home, you have the added benefit of getting to meet the people that are putting together the place that you’re going to call home. You can have that open communication and know about every step of the process as it happens. That’s a personal touch you can only get when you go with new construction. For a team of professionals that are up on all of the newest trends, styles, and technology, Eagle Construction & Remodelling are the best in the area. From start to finish, we’re in touch so that you can stay aware of everything going on. When looking for someone who knows the industry and can get you the home of your dreams, reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

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