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5 Furniture And Design Trends In 2018

Homes are not only spaces for living, but also spaces for self-expression. Homes often serves as canvases for self-expression as interior design trends reflect that changing tastes of homeowners, the designers themselves, or the ever-changing home market.

Each year, new trends in interior design emerge that give houses across the country and the world some new flair to match changing tastes. Below are just a few of the new trends in interior design in 2018 that are popular among homeowners to provide you with a little inspiration for your home.


Living room with velvet furniture. Spacious room with sideboard exquisite furniture and beautiful but at the same time strict dark red table. 3D render

Velvet Furniture

More and more homeowners and designers have been choosing velvet as the material of choice for couches, sofas and chairs. Allyson Reese, a senior retail lifestyle editor at the World’s Global Style Network, told the Los Angeles Times that homeowners are seeking comfort and plush fabric for interior spaces. Reese said that WGSN is forecasting that velvet will be a “key fabric” this year.


Happy family. Young mother and father playing ludo game with their son while spending time together at home.Game Tables

Game tables are an intriguing type of furniture that seem to be making a comeback in homes across the country. Some are attributing this feature to a resistance of technology — a symbolic rebuttal of smart home technology that is taking over homes. These game tables are being not only placed, but used, in family rooms, living rooms and breakfast rooms. Adding more fun to this trend, you can choose your favorite puzzle or board game to place on the table.


Three seat green velvet upholstered couch or sofa with long floor fringe and geometric square cushions isolated on whiteFringe Trim

Fringe trim is another trend to look for throughout homes this year, as it is beginning to expand beyond blankets and rugs and into various types of furniture. Designers are seeing everything from furniture to fixtures and mirrors with fringe trim on them.


Vintage or retro lamp on old wall in home, Feeling romantic in old home with retro light, Lighting equipment in interior home with dark light picture style, Retro or vintage design lighting equipment.Vintage Lighting

Vintage light fixtures are increasing in popularity as some seek home remodeling to fit classic aesthetics, like the farmhouse trend. Fixtures that implement metals like copper give a rustic feel to many homes, which homeowners seem to be yearning as of late. Even if you aren’t adding vintage elements to fit a particular theme, doing so can accent and add interest to your home.


Two rolls of wallpaper lie against the wall with floral wallpaperWallpapered Ceilings

A new trend that seems to be gaining… ceiling…. is applying wallpaper to ceilings to add some expression and visual intrigue. Designers are beginning to call the ceiling the “fifth wall” as ceilings are no longer overlooked, and now seen as a space worthy of expression.

Remembering that choosing to redecorate your home can be difficult, as trends are constantly changing to reflect the evolving tastes of each homeowner. If you’re looking to add value to your home that won’t evaporate with the trends of the day, consider contacting Eagle Construction & Remodeling’s home renovation experts to see what we can do for your home.  

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