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5 Storage Ideas For Your Home Remodel

The major projects that come to mind when remodeling a home are usually the bathrooms and kitchen, as those are two of the most important rooms in the home, and in turn, create the most value if you’re looking to resell.

Adding storage spaces to your home can also be a smart decision, allowing your to declutter the important areas of your home so you can live efficiently and without disorder. Storage can come in the form of new closets, custom cabinets, shelving and furniture to give you the maximum storage space for proper organization of household items.

Making modest investments in storage solutions can save you time, effort and a lot of headaches caused by misplaced objects and cluttered rooms. Below are just a few options to consider when remodeling your home to make the most of potential storage options.


Kitchen cabinets installation Blind corner cabinet, island drawers and counter cabinets installedCabinets

This one is an easy solution, but often overlooked. If you have the space — whether in your kitchen or bathroom — to allow for extra cabinet space, that your answer may be as simple as installing custom cabinets to suit your storage needs.

Need a place to store cutting boards and baking sheets? Ask your contractor to build you a cabinet just for them!

More cabinet space can provide room for pots, dishware, utensils, medications and appliances to create more surface area on usable spaces. That way, you’ll have more space for food prep, serving, entertaining and freshening up thanks to cabinets custom-built for your home.


new kitchen drawer with drawer insert open with organized utensilsDrawer Inserts

Drawer inserts are a must-have for homeowners who like to keep items organized and concealed. These are extremely useful for organizing utensils, as well as other kitchen items. There are knife block inserts, spice holder inserts and cutting boards.

Inserts are an adaptable solution for both storage and organization, with many options available for a variety of products and needs.


Wooden kitchen with led lighting cabinet and wall wine rackBeverage Storage

Speaking of drawer inserts, did you know there is an insert made just for wine bottles? That’s right, there’s a wine rack drawer insert to keep your beverages stored and hidden.

In addition to drawer inserts, there are numerous other options for storing your favorite alcoholic beverages. A standard wine rack is always a solid option, as are countertop wine racks and cocktail hutches. Finding storage for beverages, or building it into your home, will help to create more space that would otherwise be sitting out in the open.


Saucepans hanging on pot rack over sink against potted plants on window sill in domestic kitchenPot Racks

Looking for space to store your pots and pans but you don’t want to clutter your drawers and cabinets? Consider a pot rack to keep these items handy yet organized.

Pot racks can be mounted above your kitchen island for very easy accessibility, or be mounted to a wall to keep them out of the way but still near enough to access while cooking. Pot racks also look nice and add some pizzazz to your kitchen, while giving your drawers and cabinets more space for storing other items.


Mudroom in new construction home with lockersMudroom

Is there a space in your home that doesn’t have a clear purpose and is near a point of entry, consider turning it into a mudroom!

These spaces earn their name from acting as a transitional space between the inside and outside of your home where mud gets tracked in. But boy do they do a whole lot more than that. These spaces allow for storage of outdoor items through the installation of cubbies, storage benches and coat racks. They’re a great addition if you have an extra space near your doors that doesn’t have a clear purpose — that could be used for storage.

There are so many options in your home for additional storage, it’s often just a matter of looking at your home hard enough to envision changes that would be beneficial to your lifestyle. The experienced eye of a contractor can help, too, as dedicated home professionals have years of experience creating the best solutions for homeowners.

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